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Around the World in Eighty Days

Around the World in Eighty Days. This has to be the ultimate Adventure Motorcycle Touring Challenge organized by Mike Thomsen at MotoDreamer. Are you a modern-day Phileas Fogg or Passepartout?

Around the World in Eighty Days is the ultimate Adventure Motorcycle Touring Challenge for our modern times to experience and enjoy. Is every bone in your aging Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider´s body itching like crazy at the thought of this mad-cap challenge?

Estimated Reading Time 20 minutes.
Are you and your motorcycle ready for a challenge that is on the same level as Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne?
How about experiencing steam trains, sailboats, bicycles, sleds, elephants, and camels?
What to expect in this article:
The author – Jules Verne (could have been the first Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider, but his timing was not quite right.)
The central plot of this classic 150 year-old-book has everything that imagination can create.
I am one of those Adventure Riders, and I have never read the book. What´s the plot?
OK, you have interrupted my morning medication intake. What was the original route in the book?
Did the movie in 1956 do the book justice? Did it deserve 5 Oscars?
Will it take you a year, four years, or more to be the next Phileas Fogg?

What better way can there be to honor the memory of Jules Verne and his magical imagination from a century and a half ago?

The way has to be on the back of a very large and powerful motorcycle

MotorDreamer, Mike, and Diana are looking for many of you Adventure Riders to join them over the coming year(s). They are inviting you to complete as many adventure challenges as you want. Who is up to circumnavigating the world’s open spaces in the same fashion as Jules envisaged in his day?

Picture the faces of those who know you when you drop the mindblowing sentence, “I am off; you will see me next when I get back from Motorcycling around the world in eighty days.”

Author´s Top Tip number 1. Don´t tell anyone who has a heart condition.

Will it take you a year or four years or more to be the next Phileas Fogg?

So what´s the back story of the 1873 Novelist called Jules Verne? Where did the idea of around the world in 80 days spring from?

Everything begins with the birth of our prolific and creative writing hero Monsieur Jules Verne. With his birth on the 8th of February 1828 in the Port of Nantes, France. Initially, Verne´s father Pierre wished his son, like him, to grow up and become an attorney.

With his mother – Sophie, and the inhabitants of the port. Including, sailors, merchantmen, and explorers. They ensured young Jules had the opportunities to gather their tales, myths, and legends. And keep them stored safely in his curious mind.

So much so that young Jules, at the age of only eleven. Decided to turn imagination into reality by absconding onto an ocean-bound sailing ship.

Luckily for him. His father got wind and rescued the budding traveler. Who for now could only use his imagination and wait for his turn to explore freedom.

Luckily for all Adventure Motorcycle Riders, our friend grew up and fell in love with mathematics, geography, and literature. He must have read such books by fellow Frenchman –  Alexandre Dumas´s The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo.

He would never have ignored the opportunity to read the 1819 classic novel – Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe. Nor Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens. All these titles would have been a certain magnet for our intrepid imagination seeker.

On finishing his education. Verne´s talent shone out from the outset with a series of theatrical plays, short stories, and scientific essays.

While he was brokering in Paris during the working hours and researching for his stories at night. It was not long before Verne hit on the idea of creating a novel that encompassed science facts and adventure-filled fiction.

On his first outing in 1863 with Five Weeks in a Balloon, there was no looking back. Verne´s way of writing became an international success.

By the time he reached 35, he was on his way to becoming a full-time published author. The French readership of the day loved his prowess as a writer of illustrated scientific novels that used science to make his stories more believable.

This success continued unabashed for the next forty years resulting in over 60 masterpieces by Verne. All culminating in Verne becoming a highly successful Author-Writer-Publisher in many languages.

Six of Verne´s masterpieces have stood the test of time. Even today, many generations and cultures have heard and read many of them:

  1. 1863 Five Weeks in a Balloon.
  2. 1863 Journey to the Centre of the Earth.
  3. 1865 From the Earth to the Moon.
  4. 1870 Around the Moon.
  5. 1870 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.
  6. 1873 Around the World in Eighty Days.

Over the years, Monsieur Vernes did well for himself and his growing family. He amassed a small fortune and an abundance of worldwide adoration. In his spare time, he found the time to purchase several sea-going yachts for his various sailing excursions to the surrounding European countries.

In 1886 when Verne was in his 58th year, another two Europeans from Germany called Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach. Engineered and designed the first gasoline engine for a two-wheel contraption called a motorcycle.

Just imagine the excitement Jules Vernes must have felt when he learned of the two Germans’ massive achievements. Did he realize his time was not quite right? Was he aware of the new invention and its possibilities having come just that little too late for him to have experienced?

If he had the opportunity to rewrite Around the World in Eighty Days, would he have added a motorcycle?

We here at MotoDreamer believe YES he most certainly would have added one of our two-wheel friends to the mix.

Sadly our illustrious hero and creator of Phileas Fogg and all the characters in Around the World in Eighty Days died on the 24th of March 1905. Chronic diabetes and complications from a severe stroke were recorded at the time.

He had reached the young age of seventy-seven.

Jules Verne´s legacy of expanding all our imaginations. Combining both thrilling adventures and science has allowed him to become one of the most translated authors of all time. You could say. Verne encouraged us all to change our world. Make history, and push the limits and boundaries of technology, science, and exploration.

Here are a couple of crazy things that Jules Verne imagined and wrote about before they existed:

  • In 1870, in the book –  20,000 Leagues under the Sea, Captain Nemo traveled the ocean in a giant electric submarine. The world had to wait a further 18 years before submarines became a reality.
  • In his 1867 book – From the Earth to the Moon, Verne describes projectiles carrying passengers to the moon. These days we refer to them as lunar modules.
  • In the same book, Verne also mentions “Splashdownships” and “Space Suits.”
  • In Verne´s story called Robur the Conqueror, he allows the reader to imagine a flying machine that controls high-speed rotors. What we today call a helicopter.
  • He even thought up such wonders at that time – Holograms, floating illusions, newscasting, video conferencing, Solar Sails, and even gourmet space cuisine!

Author´s Note: In our MotoDreamer´s Hall of Fame. We gladly believe that Monsieur Jules Verne has to be one of the founding cogs of our globally placed Adventure Motorcycle Tour industry.

He´s up there with the likes of TE Lawrence, Mad Jack Churchill, and MotoDreamer Chief Rider MikeThomsen.

In our MotoDreamer´s Hall of Fame - we gladly believe that Monsieur Jules Verne has to be one of the founding cogs of our globally placed Adventure Motorcycle Tour industry.

I am one of those Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders, and I have never read the book, so what’s the plot?

Well, imagine a real prim and proper Protagonist Englishman. Who went by the name of Phileas Fogg. Who on the 2nd of October 1872 accepts a wager proposed by a number of men in his gentleman’s club called the Reform Club of London.

They are convinced that Phileas is incapable of traveling around the world in eighty days. Should he prove them right? He would have to forfeit the sum of 20,000 pounds. (Today, the same sum would be worth approx 2.5 million pounds.)

OK, you have interrupted my morning medication intake. What was the original route in the book?

First of all, You have to consider what traveling around the world in 1872 would look like. Wait for it, no motorbikes, no cars (as we know them,) no jetliners.

As a matter of fact, as an adventurer, you had only Hot Air balloons, bicycles, horses, sleds, steam trains, camels, elephants, and steamboats at your disposal. So getting around the world in eighty days was doable but a definite challenge.

Phileas heads off to collect his stalwart manservant – Passepartout, and together they head for the train bound for Paris.

In the meantime, word has got out in the wider community of London, and many men begin placing wagers also believing that Phileas will not make it back within the 80 days.

So begins an incredible and imaginary journey that will take our intrepid risk-takers to far of places such as Brindisi in Southeastern Italy. Then on to the Suez Canal, followed by Bombay. (Name now changed to Mumbai) and Calcutta (Also, the name now changed to Kolkata.)

At one point, before reaching Calcutta, they find their train is forced to stop when the rail track has reached a point of no return.

Our Around the World in Eighty Days heroes find their only option is an elephant ride through the jungle.

Phileas and Passepartout are on track and reach Calcutta as planned despite the delays. After a few mishaps, they embark on a steamer heading to Hong Kong.

While spending a few days sightseeing, Phileas and Passepartout discover they have missed the next scheduled steamer bound for Yokohama.

This result means changing their plans and boarding another ship heading to Shanghai.

I should mention I have left out many misadventures and dilemmas that both Phileas and Passepartout endure. I do not wish to ruin your experience if you have never read the book or seen the movies.

Author´s Note: I have also omitted two important characters known as Aouda and a dogged London Police Inspector Fix who suspects Phileas Fogg of chicanery. I purposely did this because I think the route is more important to you, Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders.

Now Phileas and his colleagues are on board the “General Grant” heading to San Francisco. They are almost halfway towards the finishing line in London. So far, too, they are still on schedule for meeting the deadline.

Then follows a political rally, the ripping off expensive clothing, and the invitation to a duel at a later date.

On their arrival in San Francisco, they quickly board a train to New York. On this part of the journey, you can expect a scheduled duel to be disrupted by marauding Sioux Indians.

Having survived the Indian attack, Phileas furthermore, finds himself on a wind-powered sled en route to Omaha.

What´s a wind-powered sled, you may ask? Author’s note: Well, it’s been a very long time since I was with a bunch of under ten-year-old daredevils building sleds and attaching a rope for steering and a sail made from old bedding to give us wind power.

What about brakes and Health and Safety regulations? I never heard of either until it was time to learn to drive a car.

An unknown source of bravery, a dash of bravado, and a total lack of fear were our means to survival. And amazingly, we never got hurt either!

The story progresses towards Liverpool, but as always, there are a few details I have missed out on, such as a mutiny and an arrest, and a life-changing disappointment.

Now should you be an avid reader and an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider but somehow missed reading this fantastic and thoroughly pleasing 150 years old book. Then head to this link and purchase it straight away:

Around the World in Eighty Days by Jules Verne.

Now you will tell me there was a movie called Around the World in 80 Days.

Yep, there have been a few, actually. But the most notable one was the 1956 Oscar-winning epic adventure comedy movie starring David Niven and his sidekick and valet Cantinfas.

This almost true-to-the-book, comedy, and light drama movie was directed by Michael Anderson and produced by Michael Todd. Surprisingly, its length was an impressive nine minutes short of three hours!

Here are eight more facts about the 1956 movie Around the World in 80 Days.

  • The three main stars were David Niven, Cantinflas, and Shirley MacLaine. 
  • Surprisingly, over 40 other stars, including Robert Morley, Marlene Dietrich, Finlay Currie, Frank Sinatra, Noel Coward, Trevor Howard, Charles Boyer, and Sir John Gielgud. They were all willing to play cameo roles.
  • Not only that, other past famous names of the theatre included Evelyn Keyes, George Raft, Peter Lorre,  Gilbert Roland, Cesar Romero, and Buster Keaton.
  • Surprisingly, it took only 75 days to shoot the whole movie covering 100 sets, 140 locations, and over 36,000 costumes.
  • To say nothing, the movie snagged five Oscars, including “Best Picture.” “Best Adapted Screenplay.”  “Best Soundtrack.” and “Best Photography.”
  • The music soundtrack was composed by Victor Young.
  • The actor Robert Newton who played Inspector Fix passed away from having a heart attack prior to the movie’s release.
  • Also, Victor Young lived up to his surname. After composing the music for over 350 movies and dying in November 1956 at the tender age of 56!
  • Lastly, the movie premiered on the 17th of October 1956 in New York and again on the 22nd of December 1956 in Los Angeles.

Obviously, the list of film locations for this movie has to be on someone´s Around the World in 80 Days Adventure Motorcycle Touring Bucket List!

England, France, Spain, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Mexico, and the USA.

Did the movie in 1956 do the book justice? Did it deserve 5 Oscars?

Yes, it did, even with the odd few differences in the story. Who cares about the differences? It is Hollywood!

The movie still entertains and makes you laugh for all sorts of reasons.

Furthermore, for us at MotoDreamer, the locations throughout the movie are beautiful, the highlights being the traveling through France, India, and the USA.

Even sixty-six years later. We can still get excited when we know we are going to get lost in the music as well as the vision of this superb adventure made for Adventure Motorcycle Touring Warriors the world over.

Author´s Note: Don´t get me wrong, I love all forms of rock, but here I am, sitting at my desk writing this article and blasting away on my headphones is the original Around the World in 80 days soundtrack by Victor Young on Spotify. (Lovely Jubbly, where´s my brew?)

Bringing you back to the present time. We here at MotorDreamer are laying down the gauntlet again…….

Will it take you a year, four years, or more to be the next Phileas Fogg?

MotoDreamer´s Around the World in 80 Days Challenge.

This is where Mike and Diana, founders of MotoDreamer, enter the story. Mike has had a burning ambition since the early days of exploring the world as a kid with his parents in their battered 4WD drive.

Not surprisingly, he always knew one day he would have the courage and the expertise to follow his desire for a challenge that would involve racing around the world in 80 days on his trusty Touring Motorcycle.

But the world has changed both technically and politically. In addition, what will today´s Adventure Motorcycle Touring Around the World in Eighty Days challenge look like?

Three unique Around the World in 80 Days options

Who is this open-ended challenge geared towards?

Are you an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider who cannot resist the adrenaline rush you experience from traversing a bumpy, bone-shaker dust trail once, twice, or three times a year?

Or do you crave the open space high up in a mountain range with panoramic visions of majestic peaks, white fluffy clouds, and blue skies below you?

Could you see yourself spending time learning about new cultures and visiting places you have only ever seen in pics, videos, and documentaries? Furthermore, could you see yourself brushing past a passive silverback Gorilla weighing a massive 220 kgs?

Do you salivate at the thought of riding through a desert landscape with nothing in front, behind, or to the side of you for miles?

Does the thought of 20 to 30 days or even 80 days a year leaving your city and urban life behind to sit upon a combustion engine with two wheels excite you like nothing else could?

Be the one who stands out and takes on the Open-ended challenge of 8 x 10-Day Adventure Motorcycle Tours in any order you select and excel in. Spend as long as you like to achieve the ultimate goal.

When you have completed the target of 8 x 10-day tours. And to mark this incredible milestone as an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider. You will be presented with an amazing financial reward that you can use toward any tour or expedition in MotoDreamer´s program.

Does the sound of winning a $5000 US Dollars grab you?

Now, when you complete all Eight, not only will you receive the prize money but a specially designed trophy showcasing you as the ultimate finisher of the  

Around the World in 80 Days Motorcycle Touring Challenge with MotoDreamer

With the list of tours accomplished.

How about seeing yourself and your progress throughout the challenge in our dedicated MotoDreamer League of Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders.

As a member, there will be many gifts, discounts and benefits coming your way. More news on this will be published on the Members section, right side of our top menu.

Finally, as a bonus for all Riders, as you progress, we will happily send your photos and back story to you as a press release to any localized Newspaper in your hometown.

So even your friends, colleagues, and neighbors will be able to follow and celebrate with you.

In a nutshell, MotoDreamer has recreated a beautiful imaginary adventure that 150 years ago, one man – Jules Verne, could not ignore. His imagination and lifetime yearnings struck a note in nearly everyone’s mind ever since.

In today’s ease of travel, you can guarantee that Jules Verne would undoubtedly get on his motorcycle and experience every one of MotoDreamer’s 10-Day Adventure Motorcycle Touring destinations.

You are invited to enjoy your imagination becoming a lifetime experience and honor the memory of a man who showed us it was possible to go Around the World in 80 Days.

Jules Verne imagined it, but only you can ride it.

It´s a wonderful world if you´ll only take the time to ride around it.

Your next task is to follow our calendar link and work out your bucket list of “Must Do 10-day Tours” to become the next Phileas Fogg:


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