2021: In Limbo

Restructuring, restrictions and postponements has almost become the norm. As the pandemic disrupts international travel MotoDreamer is transforming to embrace the new reality. We will not give up!

2020: Full Stop

2020 was set to become the busiest year on record with lots of Colombian tours booked, 45 bikes in the fleet, 17 employees and several international destinations to ride. Then Covid…full stop!

2019: MotoDreamer

Mike started the year racing to Dakar, then lead trips with Diana to Tibet and Peru, while our professional guides did tons of tours in Colombia. Motolombia changed to MotoDreamer.

2018: Full Steam

The 10th year in business was truly full steam ahead. New staff, new bikes, expansion of our facility, growth on all of our projects. Lots of promotional events and a steady stream of riders.

2017: Tourist Boom

Colombia was becoming a real popular destination. Diana and Mike did a ton of promotional events and scouting tours around the world from Chile to China, Cuba, Italy, Hong Kong and most of the USA. 

2016: Corporate Tours

Having created a name in the industry we started to do tours for corporations like Italian Givi and Japanese Honda and we also added a Honda bike dealership in Cali to our business portfolio. 

2015: Trans Amazonas

The first 8 country Trans Amazonas Expedition took place in 2015, but Mike started the year by finishing his first rally from Spain to Dakar and also running tours down through Colombia, Ecuador to Peru.

2014: Heading South

Trips going south through the South American continent was added to the program. After 6 years hosting travelers in Casa Blanca Hostel we sold the business to dedicate ourselves to Motolombia.

2013: Really Happening

The dream was finally becoming a reality. Riders were visiting from around the world. We had groups from Russia, North America, Latin America, Europe and Australia. Let the adventure begin!

2012: Medellin

A failed attempt to expand the business saw us move Motolombia to Medellin for a year, but after unfortunate encounters with organized crime in the city of Pablo Escobar we returned to Cali. 

2011: Building a Fleet

The stigmas surrounding Colombia in the minds of the world started to change. Tourism picked up. Meaning the frequency of our tours started to go up and bikes was added. And little Sofia was born!

2010: Motolombia

It took a while before the world started realizing that Colombia was safe and amazing to visit on a motorcycle. The first years in business, scouting routes and promoting Colombia was a struggle.

2009: Casa Blanca

Our Casa Blanca Hostel became an institution and a must-visit stop for overland riders traveling through the Americas. More than 2500 riders stayed at the hostel between 2008 and 2014. 

2008: Whirlwind

2008 was a whirlwind. Mike and Diana got married, traveled Central America together, opened Casa Blanca Hostel and later that same year opened Motolombia before becoming parents to Laura.

2007: A Dream is Born

Mike set out from Denmark on a solo trip across the Americas. An 8 month journey that brought him north from Chile, through Colombia where he met Diana. And the rest is history, like they say!