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Feature Logo image for Global Rescue or Travel Insurance. Is there a difference? Surely they are the same thing?

Global Rescue or Travel Insurance. Is there a difference? Surely they are the same thing? Here´s MotoDreamer´s in-depth report on why over a million members trust them.

To answer the first question. If there is a difference between Global Rescue and Travel insurance, then the answer is YES.

Unlike Global Rescue. Travel insurance is the coverage designed to protect you from financial losses and risks while traveling.

Therefore, Travel insurance is there to cover your wallet against unforeseen losses. In other words, it is a type of insurance that usually covers lost luggage. Not only that, but they also cover flight cancellations, medical expenses, loss of wallet, handbag, or rucksack.

Typical Travel insurance does not cover any form of medical evacuations under any circumstances.

Furthermore, if they do, it will only be to the nearest appropriate hospital. Not to mention, it could be any type of hospital, and you will have no say in the matter.

With Global Rescue and its partners. You can expect them to come to you wherever in the world you are. If it means using an aircraft or helicopter. Or a hike up a mountain the size of Everest to reach you – so be it.

Global Rescue, are you a member?


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What is Global Rescue, and who are its partners?

Essentially, Global Rescue LLC is a prominent travel and tourism USA New Hampshire-based private company. Who also is in partnership with Johns Hopkins Medicine, Elite Medical Group, and Partners healthcare.

Furthermore, they together provide industry intelligence-led safety and travel risk management services with crisis management solutions.

Who is the Johns Hopkins Department of Emergency Medicine Division of Special Operations (DSO)?

The DSO provides the central command and coordination for the Johns Hopkins medical institution. As a matter of fact, they target the need to distribute emergency medicines in the field and the supply of any required medical services for exceptional circumstances.

What do both Elite Medical Group (EMG) and Partners Healthcare International (PHI) bring to the table?

The EMG team comprises dedicated world-class physicians who specialize in cutting-edge telehealth technology. In other words, they are experts in virtual healthcare services.

Partners Healthcare International is a leading non-profit USA healthcare system.

Uniquely, Global Rescue processes are delivered by their teams of Physicians, nurses, critical care paramedics, and military special operations veterans. Everyone is crucial in identifying, monitoring, and responding to all potential threats, wherever they appear on the global stage.

All this can also include welfare, family counseling, referral services in times of disasters, handling of refugees, and temporary relief services.

The Founder and CEO Daniel L Richards saw the need back in 2004 to address the lack of global emergency services for government entities, company/corporate employees, and traveling individuals and their families.

Founder & CEO Dan Richards of Global Rescue. This image was previously published by Business NH Magazine.

Image published and copyright belonging to Gloval Rescue and used for this article titled: Global rescue Vs. travel insurance.

Daniel L Richards, Founder & CEO of Global Rescue, acted after the catastrophic events of the 9/11 attacks.

Global Rescue´s pioneering ethos is simple. Wherever you are. They will come to locate you, and once at your site, they will ensure you are stabilized, your illness or injuries are front-lined and treated. Then you are transported either to your home or to a hospital of your choice.

If your injuries are so severe that complete hospital treatment is of the essence. Then Global Rescue will heed any preferences you are able to transmit to them regarding getting you to a local hospital.

Global Rescue can assign you a Paramedic to stay close to you to assist you further. Thus, ensuring you are receiving the necessary treatment swiftly and smoothly.

So, if you are an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider and a paying member of Global Rescue. Then Dan Richards and his team are the guys to call. Especially, if you suddenly get stuck wherever globally you are motorbike riding.

Image showing the two sides of an official Global Rescue Membership card courtesy of Global rescue for this article titled: Global Rescue Vs. Travel Insurance.

Nobody in their right mind imagines them becoming the Emergency when abroad.

Often as not, this is the case. Many motorcycle tours are completed successfully without any mishap of any kind.

The trouble is Covid-19, and the latest crisis in Ukraine has made us all realize we cannot take things for granted. It is best to prepare for the unexpected and rejoice when we arrive back home to our loved ones in good health.

Global Rescue´s response to covid-19 has been outstanding, and rightfully so, they have received many recognition awards for their endeavors.

So much so that Global Rescue has rapidly become a trusted service for such names as National Geographic and NASA. This same rescue service is also available to you as an individual Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider with the likes of MotoDreamer as your Tour Operator.

Have you found this article titled: Global Rescue or Travel Insurance valuable and relevant to your situation and needs?

Are you as an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider ready to explore more of the amazing possibilities for you and your loved ones?

Does the idea of having the same high standard of health care coverage when you are motorcycle riding abroad or even when you are at traveling at home.

Yes, both are possible with Global Rescue. Now check out this next video from Global Rescue showcasing their continuing commitment with their Totalcare Services.

Global Rescue: We save lives Video 2017

Global Rescue Direct Services Overview 2016

Did you find the advantages of becoming a Member of this incredible organization are worth investigating further? Then head to their website at:


IFinal image taken from the official Global Rescue´s website and you find their simple mission:
To be there when it matters the most. 
A fitting and relevant image for this article titled: Global Rescue Vs. Travel Insurance.

Global Rescue´s simple mission:

To be there when it matters the most. 

The Cavalry are coming.

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