Madagascar and Enduro Riding.

100% Off-Road. Where the heck is Madagascar?

Detailed map Image of the island of Madagascar from DepositPhotos subscription model for this article titled: Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer.

Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer. 100% Off-Road. Where the heck is Madagascar? Do you know anyone who has been there, let alone on a motorbike? 

Let us explore together “The Great Red Soiled Island.

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Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer have to begin with its geography.

Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world, with a landmass of over 587,000 square kilometers. You will find it in the Indian Ocean just off the coast of South Eastern Africa.

Madagascar is divided up into five geographical regions:

A traditional Madagascar fishing boat resting on the unspoilt shoreline. Image under the subscription with DepositPhotos.

The East Coast – Mainly lowlands leading to the Central Highlands. You will discover one of the longest french built canals in the world, called Des Pangalanes. You will see lots of fishing boats and ships transporting goods to and from the island. What makes this region so attractive is the abundance of unspoiled beaches.

A perfect image of the Madagascar Mountains and its red soiled landscape. Image under subscription with Depositphotos for this article titled: Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer.

The Central Highlands – This is where you will ride amongst the Ankaratra Massif (Forest), eroding hillsides, extinct volcanoes, and marshes. You will explore the alluvial plains (similar to the Mississippi River) with its deposition of sediment from the periodical flooding.

An amazing scene of a female Tourist under her umbrella staring at a Madagascar Geyser formation.

The Tsaratanana Massif – Is the northernmost place home to the highest peak of 9,436 feet of Maromokotro. Witness firsthand the beauty that still prevails from its volcanic origins.

Be amazed by this image of a Traditional village in Madagascar. Another superb drone view for this Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer article.

The West Coast – Here is where you will meet and greet Madagascar culture up close with the many protected harbours. Each harbour is steeped in a history of past explorers, forgotten traders, and infamous pirates. Sit with the locals and hear their wonderful stories of bygone years. Who cares if they are untrue? It will still be fun.

A lovely image of the Madagacar People. Image credit to Alimentarium. A perfect vision of happy people for this article titled Madagascar and Motorbike Touring with MotoDreamer.

Image credit to Alimentarium. 

The Southwest – offers breathtaking mountainous terrains such as the Mahafaly Plateau (the driest place in Madagascar,) the Ivakoany Massif, and the Isala Roiniforme. It is here you will meet the communities of the nomadic Tandroy or Antandroy people who can trace their origins to 17th century Eastern Africa.

A perfect example of the Customs and Traditions in Madagascar for motorbike Riders to enjoy. Image credit to Globelink Travel Insurance.

Image credit to Globelink Travel Insurance.

Next, we turn to the cultures and traditions of Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer.

It has to be said when Africa meets Oceania, then the results will be spectacular. The diversity of traditions and customs will amaze you. It will be here you will hear legends, tales, and taboos.

Around 40% of Malagasy are Christians, with a further 7% who follow Islam. The majority tend to follow their tradition of worshipping their deceased ancestors. It is here that the souls who have died have transmigrated into animals.

You will see no harm ever comes to their highly respected animal neighbours. So much so that causing any harm is strictly forbidden.

There are more than 20 different ethnic cultures for you to get to know. Many are classed as Malagasy. It will be confusing for you to see the different resemblances to Africa, Arabia, Japan, and Vietnamese. Do not be surprised if you come across people from as far away as China, India, France, and Pakistan. Many of the people speak English, French, and of course Malagasy.

A perfect way to say “Hello or Goodbye” is to greet your new friend with the word “Salama or Veloma.”

Working women in Malagasy Society showing their grace and straightforwardness in traditional dance. Image credit to Madagascar Focus - Mondoblog. for this article titles: Madagascar and Enduro Riding with motoDreamer.

 Image credit to Madagascar Focus – Mondoblog.

All people whether female or male are considered equal. You will come across many working women in Malagasy society with grace and straightforwardness not equaled anywhere else in the world.

Now we turn to the culinary delights of Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer.

If your culinary taste buds head to meals with rice. Then Madagascar will be your own personal Mecca. If you are a fan of Creole cuisine, then expect spicy and generous amounts on your plate. Many dishes will have cinnamon, peppers, cloves, and vanilla as ingredients accompanying your fish, pork, chicken, or zebu dishes.

For a fantastic link to see just how great and varied Madagascar culinary cuisine will be on your next 10-Day Madagascar and Motorbike Tour with MotoDreamer head to:

10 best typical dishes of Madagascar that you won’t see elsewhere.

Main feature image for Madagascar cuisine choices. Image credit to the travel Inspires Organization.

Image credit to the Travel Inspires Organization.

No MotoDreamer 10-Day 100% Off-Road Tour is complete without riders interacting with the incredible world of Madagascar wildlife.

These Madagascar animals will certainly never disappoint you.

Madagascar wildlife Images for Motorcycle Tour Riders to meet and enjoy. Image credit to Animal Spot.

Image credit to Animal Spot.

Madagascar being an island is one of the few places where wildlife has been allowed to thrive almost untouched for centuries. Well, that is until 2,000 years ago. Thankfully, the Madagascar people have tried to keep their safety and existence at the forefront of their minds through their collective beliefs and religious practices.

The majority of wildlife, almost 75%, is indigenous to Madagascar. The other famous African top 5 animals such as lions, apes, and giraffes never made it across the Indian Ocean to settle on this island. Mind you, if chameleons are your favourite, you will be pleased to know two-thirds of the world’s population are Madagascans.

All 110 Lemurs species known to man are found only here on the Island of Madagascar.

An image of a small family group of Ring-tailed Lemurs found in many parts of Madagascar. This image is under subscription with DepositPhotos.

For a comprehensive list of all wildlife including birds, animals, fishes, mammals, Insects, Amphibians, and reptiles are listed on the following link:

Madagascar Animals List, Habitats, and Pictures.

Ok, what about the essential part, what are the road conditions for Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer?

We have chosen Madagascar as your next bucket list destination for all our thousands of experienced off-roading Riders. It offers a unique and incredible African adventure as our Namibia, Oman, and Uganda 10-Day motorbike tours do.

Neither one is the same when it comes to the overall experience, but what is the same is the sheer enjoyment of every moment on the back of your motorbike.

You will be riding on some of the most scenic dirt roads found anywhere in Africa. Expect winding tracks along the coastlines, and long and easily to get lost trails up in the mountain areas.

Some roads in Madagascar are well maintained, but we will be off the beaten track and hardly ever touch pavement. Plenty of action to capture on your helmet cameras and drones.

What is the story regarding the avenue of Baobab Trees found in Madagascar and why are they a highlight for experienced Enduro Riders?

The iconic Madagascar Baobab tree is beautiful and unique to this region. There are in fact six species of Baobab trees, and your local guide will showcase each on your 10-Day Tour. Each species is considered sacred to all the locals.

A fitting last image for this article titled, Madagascar and Enduro Riding with Motodreamer. Beautiful Baobab trees in the Madagascar avenue of Baobabs.

The baobab tree with its enormous and swollen trunk and bearing the weight of the long-reaching branches does go someway in saying how unique each structure is. Like all generations before you, you will be fascinated and staring at them all for a very long time.

They have managed to estimate that these beautiful trees have their roots going back at least 850 years!

The locals have long believed that the Baobab trees act as means of sheltering the pygmy primates, and at the same time have become a source of local medicines for healing in the traditional ways of the local people.

The Baobab leaves are rich in vitamin C and treat various ailments from fever to Malaria in this region. Furthermore, the bark of the tree treats abscesses, ulcers, and urinary infections.

The wonders of the baobab tree don’t stop there. The baobab fruits treat liver diseases and kidney diseases. They also, act as remedies for digestive problems.

Do not forget to stop and say hi to me, one of the millions of Chameleons you will meet here in Madagascar on your motorbike.

Do not forget to stop and say hi to me. I am one of the millions of Chameleons you will meet here in Madagascar on your motorbike. I dare you to capture a picture of me before I change color and disappear.

In conclusion, this article showcases Madagascar and Enduro Riding with MotoDreamer.

Every sunrise and sunset mixed in with lush tropical forests, mangroves, and marshes will spellbind you from your saddle seat. We believe here at MotoDreamer, just like our three other African countries on a motorbike, Madagascar will be up there every year for experienced enduro riders such as yourselves.

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