Beyond Bolivia’s Death Road

Eight Incredible Places in Bolivia that aren’t North Yungas ‘Death Road’ (and one that is) Landlocked and lacking the tourists draw cards compared to its Pacific-facing neighbours, Ecuador and Peru, Bolivia ranks behind Guyana and Suriname as the least visited country in South America. Admittedly, there’s no Machu Picchu equivalent in Bolivia (with its accompanying […]

Eights countries in 52 days on the Trans-Amazonian Challenge

If you had 52 days to blaze your way through a bucket list motorcycle adventure tour across a single continent (in the true spirit of overland travel), which would you choose?

In our minds, there’s no question. South America has it all.

Three Guianas

The Three Guianas – South America’s forgotten gems

A very short history of the Guianas
Back in 1499, the Spanish first laid eyes on the mangrove-strewn coastline of the Guianas and its warrior-like Carib Indian inhabitants and didn’t particularly like what they saw.

The gold and silver hungry Spanish decided plundering the Guianas wasn’t worth the effort, although they did make the occasional slave raid.

7 of South America’s most legendary motorcycling routes

When it comes to motorcycle travel, this enigmatic and hugely varied continent has it all. Riding the continent for weeks on end, it’s rare that any two days seem like “more of the same”. This is why South America is quite possibly the cream of the continental crop when it comes to bringing joy and exhilaration to a rider’s heart and wide grin beneath their helmet, day, after day, after day.

The Final Frontier: Trans Amazonian Challenge

South America’s reputation as a motorcycle touring paradise is legendary. This single continent encompasses all the ingredients of the motorcycle journey of a lifetime. And we’re not just talking about the roads themselves, as intoxicatingly thrilling and enchanting as they are.

Introducing MotoDreamer’s Guided 4WD Tours

MotoDreamer started out as a motorcycle tour and rental company to help introduce motorcyclists to the beauty of Colombia – and in particular, its off-the-beaten track destinations. We’re talking about the sorts of places where busloads of tourists rarely venture. Not because they’re not worthy of outside attention, but quite often because they’re not so easy to reach by conventional means. But with the right set of wheels, entire parts of the country suddenly is unlocked, making so much more of the country free to be explored.

8 Must-See Places in Colombia with Amazing Natural Scenery

As one of the most bio-diverse countries on earth, Colombia is made up of an incredible patchwork of wildly differing landscapes and extraordinary natural beauty. From awe-inspiring mountain ranges to mysterious cloud forest, scorching desert and rugged, surf-spattered coast, here are eight of Colombia’s most awe-inspiring natural wonders. 1. Caño Cristales Deep in the dense […]

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