The Spanish Colonization of Las Americas

The Spanish Colonisation of Las Americas. How much do you know of this period of history? What, who, when and how will you discover while motorcycle touring this vast and exciting continent? Covering the best part of 500 years, the Spanish colonisation of las Americas is a fascinating period of history. Even now, the effects […]


Seeing the world by motorcycle gives you a completely different perspective on travel. With no physical barrier between you and the world around you, there’s a sense of absolute freedom, and an intimate connection with the landscape that only motorcycle touring can achieve.


As a “professional pillion rider” and trip planner for my rider boyfriend for many years, we’ve rented all kinds of motorbikes on our travels. Back when we were young and naïve, we’d stumble across some ragtag mechanic working out of a roadside shack and convince him to rent us a bike. We didn’t see the bike until it was delivered to the front door of our hostel, the day after we agreed to a “blind” rental.

Eights countries in 52 days on the Trans-Amazonian Challenge

If you had 52 days to blaze your way through a bucket list motorcycle adventure tour across a single continent (in the true spirit of overland travel), which would you choose?

In our minds, there’s no question. South America has it all.

7 of South America’s most legendary motorcycling routes

When it comes to motorcycle travel, this enigmatic and hugely varied continent has it all. Riding the continent for weeks on end, it’s rare that any two days seem like “more of the same”. This is why South America is quite possibly the cream of the continental crop when it comes to bringing joy and exhilaration to a rider’s heart and wide grin beneath their helmet, day, after day, after day.

The Final Frontier: Trans Amazonian Challenge

South America’s reputation as a motorcycle touring paradise is legendary. This single continent encompasses all the ingredients of the motorcycle journey of a lifetime. And we’re not just talking about the roads themselves, as intoxicatingly thrilling and enchanting as they are.

Crossing Borders with MotoDreamer Part 2: A Brief Guide to Motorcycle Touring in Peru

Welcome to Part 2 of our blog series on motorcycle touring in the South America just beyond Colombia’s borders. This time, we’ll be giving you an introduction to riding in Colombia’s other southern neighbour, Peru.

Crossing Borders with MotoDreamer Part 1: A Brief Guide to Motorcycle Touring in Ecuador

Just like Colombia, Ecuador’s road map is one of zig-zagging mountain highways and scenic country backroads. Split in half by the Andes Ranges, with the mighty Amazon Rainforest flanking its foothills, Ecuador’s sweeping high altitude highways and rarely-ridden jungle tracks are adventure motorcycle touring heaven.

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