MotoDreamer’s Around The World in 80 Days – Press Release

An Irresistible Bet and a Free eBook MotoDreamer’s Around The World in 80 Days. An irresistible bet and a Free eBook. MotoDreamer, with its 15 years of experience in pioneering motorcycle tours to unlikely and amazing destinations worldwide. Has modernized a beautiful nail-biting adventure that 150 years ago, one man – Jules Verne, imagined and […]

Global Rescue or Travel Insurance

Global Rescue or Travel Insurance. Is there a difference? Surely they are the same thing? Here´s MotoDreamer´s in-depth report on why over a million members trust them. To answer the first question. If there is a difference between Global Rescue and Travel insurance, then the answer is YES. Unlike Global Rescue. Travel insurance is the […]

Bmw R80gs adventure motorcycle

The History of Adventure Motorcycle Touring

The History of Adventure Motorcycle Touring. What were the historical roots of using a motorcycle to tour for adventure? What part did Triumph motorbikes play? Estimated Reading Time: 18 minutesSuppose you are an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider and a History Magnet. If so, then this Cornerstone Article will be a terrific read for you. Did […]

MotoDreamer Introduction to 4WD Tours in Colombia

MotoDreamer Introduction to 4WD Tours in Colombia and beyond. If you can’t go adventuring on two wheels, we say do it on four wheels! And if they’re the kind of wheels that eat dirt, mud, and sand for breakfast, all the better! Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes Did you know if you cannot or do […]

Traveling the world by motorcycle

Traveling the world by motorcycle. How much experience do I need? Will seeing the world by motorcycle give a different perspective on travel? Estimated Reading Time: 7 minutes Are you considering adding traveling the world by motorcycle to your buck list? How much experience do you have? Lots! Perfect read on! None! Still, read on.  1. […]

Buying or Selling Used Motorbikes with MOTODREAMER

Buying or selling a used motorbike with MotoDreamer is a safe option when planning your next Motorbike Adventure Tour in South America. Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes Are you planning your next motorcycle touring trip in South America and want to know the rules regarding buying and selling a used motorbike? This is MotoDreamer´s Guide […]

Diana Puerto Co-Founder at MotoDreamer

Diana Puerto Co-Founder at MotoDreamer. Meet Diana and Mike Thomsen of the very successful globally placed Motorcycle Adventure Touring Operation. It’s time to get to know the remarkable story of Diana. Estimated Reading Time: 9 minutes. There’s a fair chance that if Mike Thomsen and Diana Puerto had not both been smitten during an utterly […]

Mikkel Thomsen Co-Founder at MotoDreamer.

Mikkel Thomsen Co-founder at MotoDreamer. Meet Mike the very successful global Motorcycle Adventure Touring Operator. It’s time to get to know the unconventional story of Mike. The first thing that you will learn is to always call him Mike. The second he´s a big guy and loves being an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider. Estimated Reading […]

Choosing a Motorcycle Tour Operator is difficult enough

Choosing a Motorcycle Tour Operator is difficult enough. Let´s look at MotoDreamer’s helpful advice on this matter. Why it Pays to Research when choosing a Motorcycle Tour Operator Carefully Estimated Reading Time: 10 minutes This readable article is for those who are thinking of touring the world on their motorcycle. It’s like a one-stop A […]

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