MotoDreamer and the Phoenix Air Museum

MotoDreamer and the Phoenix Air Museum are neighbors. Located at the local Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int Airport. Discover the only museum dedicated to the world of planes, ships, trains, and vintage vehicles in Colombia.

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In the same sentence, we can say Trains, Boats, planes, cars, motorcycles, and MotoDreamer.

The Phoenix Air Museum is a private non-profit foundation in the Palmira Municipality. Also, it is adjacent to the Palmaseca Free Trade Zone. This Free Trade Zone is one of twelve permanently dotted around Colombia. Palmaseca has been led and managed since 1994 by a private law partnership.

So what is a Colombian-placed Free Trade Zone?

A Free Trade Zone is a geographic area located within the National Customs Territory. Therefore, it is not subject to customs duty. Equally, Industrial services and goods, including commercial activities, are performed under Customs and Foreign Trade Regulations and a specific tax.

Getting to the Phoenix Air Museum from the airport terminal is just a 10-minute airport taxi ride. Costing only $10,000 cop ($3.) Or likewise, if you are traveling from Cali. It is a short bus ride of fewer than 12 miles. Again, it costs roughly the same as the taxi from the airport.

The Phoenix Air Museum facilities can easily accommodate up to 180 visitors. By the same token, they welcome groups of all sizes to spend 2 – 3 hours learning about the exhibits.

There is a reasonable entrance fee of $20,000 cop ($5) per person, and parking is Free and enclosed for security. Check out the modeling workshop and souvenir shop. Opening and closing are weekdays from 8 am to 4 pm and on weekends from 9 am to 4 pm. Best to check with Mike or Diana for any changes before setting out.

Meet Norman Gonzalez (standing with his arms folded,) a fantastic ambassador for the Phoenix Air Museum. He is a Bilingual “font of all knowledge” Guide after working within the museum for much of its history. You will see much of his input and love of the showpieces on display.

Norman goes to another level when he takes control of the model railways in the Railway Division. You will learn much from this expert and historian.

If you’ve never had the opportunity to visit preserved steam trains dating back to the 20th Century. And at the same time, have all the historical facts presented to you. Then you are in for a unique treat with Norman bringing it all to life.

Motorcycle Riders joining any of the numerous MotoDreamer South America tours and expeditions will find this hangar full of aircraft, engines, and all manner of flight Anti-G suits dating from WW2 to the present day. Some of these suits are of the USA or Russian and Chinese origin.

Most of the aircraft. Including a North American AT6D, a Beechcraft C45, a Stearman PT-17, and a Douglas C-47B, which are still operational. And able to communicate with the Airport Runway Tower; from the showroom floor!

Other aviation highlights include a single-seater glider, a Colombian military helicopter, and a replica of the Wright Brothers Wright Flyer flown in 1903.

Added to this magical experience for all MotoDreamer visitors is the magnificent and continuingly expanding display of scale models represented in fantastic and realistic dioramas. Ships, cars, military armies, and the most extensive model aircraft collection globally.

A never done before collection of airline memorabilia showcasing international Airlines, aircraft, their national flag, and the cutlery used.

These dioramas settings set the Phoenix Air Museum on a different level than other similar institutions and museums worldwide.

The work on the 450 square meters 1.87 scaled functioning railway model is the third-largest in the world. Norman and the team continue adding and developing all the models in 1:48 and 1:20.3 scales.

In recognition of all the efforts made recently. Tripadvisor rated the Phoenix Air Museum as World Class and Numero Uno out of 107 Places to visit in nearby Cali. 

Every model. Whether a train, car, bus, truck, boat, ship, plane, or human, is shown in miniature size on a panoramic-scale museum backdrop. One room alone is a showstopper for all. When the trains get going. Be prepared to be transported back to your childhood and where many of your dreams of travel would have originated.

When it’s time for you to say goodbye to Norman and the Museum team, stop for another unexpected surprise. Where the Cafeteria is housed, order a coffee and empanada. That is to say, sit in the bench-style sitting area, and look at the wall closest to you.

From end to end, you will see small posters celebrating women’s history in Aviation. A fantastic introduction to the world of female aviators.

Image Credit: Museo Aereo Finex-Facebook.

Again Norman will happily explain whatever you want to know. The next time someone tells you that females should not be Motorcycle Adventure Touring Riders. Point them toward this wall of female aviation achievements. Then gently remind them many of these examples are from a century ago.

A message to all Female Motorcycle Adventure Riders from MotoDreamer and the Phoenix Air Museum:

We welcome you all to come to the wall dedicated to past and present Female Aviators. Be in awe of what you will discover. Maybe a relative of yours is here amongst them.

Hanna Reitsch was a famous female test pilot in Nazi Germany. Who, among a few women, was awarded both versions of the Iron Cross.

In conclusion to this article titled: MotoDreamer and the Phoenix Air Museum. a couple of spare hours strolling around this oasis of aviation history will be a fitting end to your South American expeditions and Colombia Motorcycle Tours.

The owners behind the Phoenix Air Museum wanted to build a center to arouse the curiosity and interest of the visiting adolescents. Many would become tomorrow’s future Colombian technicians, engineers, and pilots. MotoDreamer’s verdict. These Museum Owners have achieved all they set out to do. And in such a way that crosses national borders beautifully and attractively.

Layout plan of the Phoenix Air Museum.

The Museo Aereo Finix or Phoenix Air Museum is a perfect and safe home for the Colombian Air Force and global Aviation Companies to support and enrich their historical heritage.

There is even a tiny section for the history of Motorcycle Adventure Touring  Riders and their machines. Now you guys and ladies can teach Norman.

We are proud to say MotoDreamer and the Phoenix Air Museum are neighbors. When booking your next tour in Colombia. Reserve a couple of hours At the local Alfonso Bonilla Aragon Int Airport. And discover the only museum dedicated to the world of planes, ships, trains, and vintage vehicles in Colombia.

The link for the Museo Aereo Fenix website is excellent for those who understand Spanish.

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