MotoDreamer’s Around The World in 80 Days – Press Release

An Irresistible Bet and a Free eBook

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MotoDreamer’s Around The World in 80 Days. An irresistible bet and a Free eBook. MotoDreamer, with its 15 years of experience in pioneering motorcycle tours to unlikely and amazing destinations worldwide. Has modernized a beautiful nail-biting adventure that 150 years ago, one man – Jules Verne, imagined and made into a book.

MotoDreamer has turned his idea into a real-life global challenge. Now, equally important, allowing for all motorcycle riders to mark the 150th anniversary of the original publication.

Not to mention, the challenge is simple. Each motorcycle rider. Tasked to complete 8 of MotoDreamer’s 10-Day Global Motorcycle Adventure Tours in any order they wish. Furthermore, they can achieve this 80-day challenge in as short a time or as long as it takes them.

As a matter of fact, each rider who finishes the challenge wins the bet. And can claim their reward of $5,000 towards any future trip with MotoDreamer.

MotoDreamer is also giving away a special FREE ebook created to inspire and celebrate the beginning of the challenge.

MotoDreamer’s FREE eBOOK

The eBook titled Around the World in 80 Days with MotoDreamer. Filled with detailed articles covering the uniqueness of every destination. The ebook has over 160 pages, with 180 plus photos and graphics.

The author of the original book Around the World in 80 Days was Jules Verne. His love of science and adventure and unique storytelling have struck a note for generations over the last 150 years.

If he had written the story in today’s ease of travel. Surely, he would have the book’s main characters. Phileas Fogg and Passepartout, riding around the world on adventure motorcycles. Claiming their wager at the end exactly like the book’s original plot.

Motorcycle touring has rapidly gained popularity. Due to the increased availability of rental vehicles at tourist hotspot locations such as Mt Everest. The Sahara Desert, The Amazon Rainforest, or even visiting the Silverback Gorillas in Africa.

The current listing of eligible MotoDreamer Tours for the Around the world in 80-day challenge includes Peru, India, Tibet, Bolivia, France, Uganda, Thailand, Colombia & Oman.

Each year. MotoDreamer will add more destinations to the MotoDreamer´s Around the World in 80 Days challenge. Making the choices even more exciting.

Motorcycle riders solo. Or with family and friends. Are invited to take their recurring dreams of the open road and turn them into a lifetime of experiences. With MotoDreamer. Each rider completes the challenge and honors the man who first showed us all. It was possible to go Around the World in 80 Days.

More information on the MotoDreamer challenge can be found via the Around the World in 80 days challenge

You can download for FREE the Riding Around the World in 80-Days eBook via this landing page link: 


Furthermore, you can read the backstory of Jules Verne and his amazing 150-year-old adventure story with this MotoDreamer link: Around the World in 80 Days – MotoDreamer 

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