MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain

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MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain, or to be precise, Valencia, has been in the planning stages for the past couple of years. Now it’s an Independent Adventure Motorcycle Touring Operator´s Spanish reality. Mike, Diana, and their girls are in Valencia.

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MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain.
Whether you are one of the thousands of MotoDreamer satisfied riders or seeing the possibilities with this independent Motorcycle Touring Operator.  Check out this article dedicated to both MotoDreamer and Valencia.
What to expect:
Co-Founders Mike & Diana’s ethos continues after 14 years in South America.
So why is Valencia the new heartland for MotoDreamer in Spain?
The Holy Grail, Oranges, and El Cid. What do they all have in common?
Where do Colombus and silk appear in Valencia´s timeline?
How does a flooded river become the largest city park in Europe?
Which do you head for European Soccer or American Football?
What the devil is Ninots when they are at home?
Did Mike & Diana end up in a museum?
What happens in a bullfight?
Why do ladies bring their tennis rackets to the Battle of Flowers?
What do the guys buy the ladies on National Valencia Day?
Do you have a fetish for tomatoes?
Are you a fan of Paella?
What´s the verdict? Is the conclusion positive?

MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain. Once a dream, now a reality.

Mike and Diana, Co-Founders of MotoDreamer, have just completed fourteen years conquering South America. Now it is time for Valencia in Spain and the rest of the World to wake up to this dynamic Danish and Colombian Adventure Motorcycle Touring force. Experience their riding magic and full-throttle approach in giving their all to the Global community of Adventure Riders.

Wherever the Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider may be and wherever they wish to go, live it, love it, and ride it all the way.

What makes MotoDreamer different? Why does independence mean so much to them?

From the outset, back in 2008 when MotoDreamer, then known as Motolombia, took their first tentative steps in becoming a very successful Independent Adventure Motorcycle Touring Operator. The one word that stuck out for them was “Independent.”

They wanted the freedom of choice to give you the best service, the best tours, the best bikes, and the best local guides to make your experiences different and memorable.

When creating a tour, their philosophy was that the one with the least traffic potential got the nod. The same philosophy is still prevalent today.

MotoDreamer was always going to become one of the Go To Brand of Choice for the ardent and dedicated Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders community.

No one likes spending their time stuck in miles of bad-tempered traffic.

There´s enough of that back home. Adventure riders relish open spaces, curves that make them smile, roads that challenge every fiber of their body. The scenery stays in their minds. It’s these moments that allow an Adventure rider to feel free and at peace.

After amassing over 4000 happy riders, coupled with tons of repeat requests. MotoDreamer relocated towards the open roads throughout the rest of the world.

Already, Russia, France, Thailand, India, Northern Asia, Southern Asia, Tibet, Oman, Dubai, and Uganda have tours completed. New tours are reserved throughout 2022 and into 2023. Just check out their catalog and see what´s on offer.

Watch out for new destinations including Spain, Italy, Morocco, Israel, Cuba, Mexico, and Japan.

The brand has begun its MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain journey, and already it feels at home.

So why is Valencia the new heartland for MotoDreamer in Spain?

The first plus is the excellent Manises International Airport that serves Valencia and its surrounding areas. It is situated only 8 km or 5 miles outside the city center. Although smaller than many airports, it has the added bonus of smaller queues, shorter distances when arriving, and heading to immigration and baggage reclaim.

A typical taxi fare will set you back between 20 to 30 euros. There, of course, are the options of taking either a local bus or making use of the convenient metro system.

Meeting and greeting incoming Adventure Riders is usually a simple procedure for MotoDreamer. They, of course, ask you to give them ample time to arrange for them to be there.

Valencia is on the eastern side of Spain, and it overlooks the Mediterranean Sea and coastline. It is the third-largest city in Spain, and it serves the fifth busiest seaport in Europe.

Like all of Spain, Valencia is steeped in the diverse and rich history of three bygone powers. The Roman, Christian, and Arabic authorities.

The historic center of Valencia is full of ancient cultural attractions and monuments. Mixing the old with the modern, vibrant city, and the busy seaport makes this a magnet for millions of visitors each year.

It is said that the Holy Grail (The cup) that Jesus himself drank from at the last supper is here in the Valencia Cathedral. Within the small chapel and just behind the altar lies a single cup, sitting proudly on an illuminated golden pedestal. Is this the genuine Holy Grail or just a cup? We will never know for sure but head to this spectacle and see for yourself.

When you collect your motorcycle and start moving out of the city, you will be pleased to see the countryside full of Valencia orange groves.

Valencia’s history has been traced to 138 BCE, with the first settlers from the then Roman Army under the Lusitanian Leader Viriathus. In time, it became a prosperous Roman Colony.

The origin of the name Valencia is much debated by historians. To this day many accept that the Romans were the originators. The term “Valentia” in Latin represents courage, Bravery, Strength, and Valour.

As nearly in the whole of continental Europe, there are thousands of years of upheaval, invading armies, and newly imposed governments. The final capitulation of Valencia was in 1094. At that point, the Moors had control, but it was successfully wrestled away from them by the famous El Cid.

If you wish to have his birth name, El Cid was Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar. A  victorious Castilian knight and warring Warlord in Medieval Spain.

After over a thousand years, throughout Spain, El Cid is still seen as a national hero. He is regarded as a fierce and honorable defender of all that is Christian in Spain.

He held the city for five years until his death while defending the city. The 1961 movie played by Charlton Heston portrays his final ending with El Cid tied to his horse, his 24K gold etched double-edged steel-bladed Tizona sword in his hand.

The movie ends with El Cid leaving the besieged city and charging towards the Moorish enemy.  Whether it is accurate or myth does not matter. The legend is worth noting and enjoying. Three years later, the Moors got the city of Valencia el Cid back.

Author´s Note: Any film starring 2-time Oscar winner Sofia Loren is fine with me. She would have got an Oscar every year if I was allowed to vote. Someone, please share this article titled: MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain with her.

Those Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders who equally love researching the history of places, especially the ones, they are looking to visit on their motorbikes with MotoDreamer.

Here is an abridged timeline for Valencia to get you started.

  • 1238 James 1 of Aragon adds Valencia to his growing number of dominions. He ousted 50,000 Moors who ended up in exile.
  • 1381 is the year when the first of 100 Bell Towers is erected.
  • 1474 The Spanish printing press came into effect, and for the next 200 hundred years, art became the mainstay in Valencia.
  • 1479 Ferdinand and Isabella become the official Spanish Monarchs. This act allowed the city to grow and prosper.

1492 the city´s textile industry financed Cristopher Colombus and his famous expeditions to the new world looking for Silk.

  • 1702 During the War of Succession, the people of Valencia, allied with the wrong crowd. It was occupied by the English army and looted by the French Bourbon army.
  • 1859 the first Bull ring was built. It took another nine years before performances took place.
  • 1914 Valencia and the rest of Spain for the duration of WW1 remained neutral.
  • 1936 The city became the Loyalist stronghold during the Spanish Civil War and stayed so for the next three years.
  • 1941 again Spain under Francisco Franco declared neutrality as its official policy. Recruits could only fight for the Germans when fighting the Russians and not the Allied powers.
  • 1957 The central river – Turia that ran through Valencia burst its banks and one of the largest natural disasters befell the surrounding areas. Not wishing to have a repeat devastating flood ands suffer more loss of life they drained the river and replaced with the largest city park in Europe. A definite mecca for all tourists, runners, walkers and local valentanios to enjoy and marvel at.

Is there a Valencia yearly calendar of events for my next MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain tour? 

Every city in the world has its program of events to attract one and all to their city. Valencia is no different. But, the possibilities are different than anywhere else. Forget London, Paris, and New York. Make a beeline for Valencia!

Here´s MotoDreamer’s best of Valencia Events and places to see and the reasons why.

Valencians are American Football crazy.

Yes, they do love their soccer and they have a very successful team. But, they also love their relationship with American Football. So much so, they have two teams to follow. They are the Valencia Giants and the Valencia Firebats. You will find them listed on the LNFA Serie A.

LIVE STREAM: Murcia, Badalona lead way into Week 2 of Spain's American  football season
An image of a game between the Giants Vs. the Firebats was published by the AFI in 2017.

Festivals Galore. 

If you are an Adventure rider who loves to party and find festivals not only fascinating but a great way to interact with cultures you know little about.

Then you should all check out the Mid-March week-long biggest festival, “Las Fallas” in Valencia.

It is here you will see the birth and burning of “Ninots” (translated as a puppet or doll-like effigies.) All Ninots except one is burned to ashes. This happens on the day known by Valencians or Valencianos as “La Crema” (translated as the Burning Ceremony.) 

Nearly all the rejoicing Valencianos will stay up till past one in the morning to witness the “coming of Spring” symbolized by the burning of the Valencia city council´s monumental figurine.

The winning Ninot and past winners continue enthralling crowds of admirers in the locally placed Fallero Museum

Author´s Note: No, I must assure you the above Ninots on display in the Fallero Museum are not the Independent MotoDreamer Adventure Motorcycle Touring Team of Mike and Diana. How anyone can reach that conclusion is beyond me, jajajaja.

Author´s extra Note: Has anyone managed to forward this MotoDreamer´s New heartland – Spain article to Ms. Loren yet?

Feria de Julio (meaning the July Fair) is a 150-year-old month-long fair for all followers of the Bullfighting World. It began life in 1871. 

Author´s Note: For those of you who are entering the Around the World in Eighty Days Motorcycle touring challenge with MotoDreamer will note that this Valencian fair started a few months before Jules Verne finished and published his famous novel of Phileas Fogg!

If you have not yet heard about these monumental challenges, you will be pleased the link is waiting for you at the END of this article.

MotoDreamer´s New heartland – Spain cannot ignore Bullfighting in Valencia.

Modern-looking societies worldwide have long concluded that animal cruelty in any form is wrong. Culture should never be used as an excuse to partake in any form of cruelty.

But other commentators also believe traditions of all kinds have the right to be remembered and followed. We here at MotoDreamer advocate for the former. Leave animals alone.

That said, what does happen in a typical Bullfight? I have never been to one and have no idea what happens. Do the animals die?

Here are 20 known facts about what happens in a Typical Bullfight.

  1. The origins of bullfighting are traced back as far as 15,000 to 10,000 BCE. Paleolithic paintings found in Spanish and French caves and excavations in Anatolia have revealed temples adorned with bullheads and pillars composed of bull horns.
  2. Bull slaying cults and bull gods were widespread in ancient and prehistoric times. Most certainly in the Middle East and Europe.
  3. The bull. Widely revered as the ultimate symbol of fertility and strength.
  4. The first literally recorded Matador goes back over 4000 years ago with the Ancient Mesopotamia – Epic-of-Gilgamesh.
  5. It is believed that approximately 250,000 bulls, every year worldwide, are slain in bullfights, and the odd one, the matador, is killed. Not exactly a fair fight.

Spain and Mexico still permit the slaughter of the bull as the final act of the fight.

  1. The front rows of all bullfights are populated by those privileged and associated with bullfighting, including family and friends.
  2. An hour before the bullfight, the Matador dresses under a solemn ritual. A ritual that is full of superstition and tradition. 
  3. Should you be invited to the “Dressing of the Matador,” then accept it as an honor.
  4. The matador wearing his traditional outfit of a short embroidered gold and silver jacket. This jacket covers a richly beaded waistcoat. The Matador´s outfit includes skintight knee-length trousers and flat heelless slippers.

The Matador wears skintight trousers to ensure there are no folds or drapes that could get caught on the charging bull´s advancing horns.

  1. There will be an official who will grant the fights to begin. This official controls each phrase of all the bullfights, and the crowd will keep an eye on his use of a white handkerchief.
  2. The opening possession and fanfare begin with a dramatic-sounding Paso Doble.
  3. The chant ¡Ole! It is believed to have Moorish roots and the original bullfights when many historical reports suggest the word was Allah.
  4. A trumpet signals the commencement of the fight with the opening of the Toril Gate. Out will come the rushing bull, and instantly a silken rosette is jabbed into the upper part of the bull displaying the colors of the ranch where the animal was initially bred.

A typical bullfight usually starts in the afternoons. They last around 20 minutes and comprise six separate acts. (Also known as Tercios.)

  1. These acts begin with the opening capework. Then the introduction of two heavily protected blindfolded horse-mounted Picadors with their thrusting Varas (Pike Poles.)
  2. Peons or Banderillero’s role in bullfights is to ensure the bull becomes weakened by the thrusting of banderillas (darts) into the animal´s neck.
  1. Next comes the graceful but often flashy passes of the large cape held by the Matador.
  2. If the Matador swirls the cape in a way that will transfix the bull, the Matador will turn his back on the animal and proudly walk away.
  1. The placement of the banderillas. The dangerous passes of the Muleta by the Matador concerned. Finally, the demise of the bull. Here a Puntilla (a small dagger) is used by a Banderillo or the Matador.
  2. After the bull has died, his carcass is dragged from the arena. Behind the scenes, it will be quartered and dressed.
  3. Often the bull´s meat is sold at the local Plaza de Toros or on the odd occasions given to the poor for their consumption.

For those who Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders who wish for a more in-depth account of all that is involved in a typical bullfight, head to the following link: The spectacle of Bullfighting step by step.

Now, for those Adventure motorcycle Touring Riders who are not interested in bullfights. There are alternatives less gruesome and more enjoyable.

Such as the famous Battle of the Flowers Parade held annually in Valencia.

This amazing annual event celebrates the close of Valencia´s festival in July. The great news is it’s FREE for everyone to attend and enjoy.

Witness an abundance of elaborately adorned floats as they pass you standing in the crowds on the Paseo de la Alameda.

Traditionally dressed women of all ages protect themselves from millions of brightly colored Marigolds thrown at them by the laughing public.

The laughing Senoras and Senoritas attempt to defend themselves with multicolored tennis rackets acting as their shields.

Laugh with them as they fire back with their supply of yellow and orange blossoms.

Where do all these flowers come from? Each year the process of growing, especially for this festival, orange and yellow flowers begin. The whole local fields surrounding the city become a sea of citrus colors.

See thousands of painted-faced kids eating all forms of candy floss. Check out, and video as many of the specially designed and decorated floats in the famous Valencian Las Fallas style.

Expect to be in awe of the incredible defying gravity sculptures.

Watch out for all the many fireworks displays, shows, and concerts. July is a month for pleasing all visitors and local Valencianos alike.

The 9th of October each year is National Valencia Day. This is the day when the English King – James the First, entered the city of Valencia and officially freed it from the Moorish rulers.

All Valencianos go crazy again, and love is in the air everywhere. Witness the many ladies with their given handkerchief wrapped gifts of marzipan sweets known as “Mocadora.”

Author´s Note: Has anyone told Ms. Loren that the author of this article titled: MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain that he has a box of Mocadora waiting for her.

Have you got some free time in August?

Do you have a fetish for tomatoes?

How about tonnes of Tomatoes?

Suppose you said YES to all three of the above questions, then you must attend the annual state-sanctioned Tomatina Festival in Buñol, a town only 35 km (22 miles) from Valencia.

This is the largest and friendliest tomato food fight globally for all Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders who wish to join the crowd of over 20,000 over-ripe tomato throwing funsters.

The battle begins with the signal of water cannons and lasts for one hour.

You will need an entrance ticket to help the town control the number of individuals who attend.

All the clean tomatoes are lorried into the town in the early hours. You just meet up and supply yourself, and away you go and fight until the hour ends.

This world-famous Tomatina festival event began in 1944. Apart from the big red fight, there are huge parties serving Paella everywhere.

Are there any rules I should be aware of? Yep, there is a couple.

  • Do not have any hard objects or bottles on your person. You don´t want to hurt anyone having fun.
  • Always squash your tomatoes before throwing them. This way, you reduce the impacts felt on the victim you have gone for.
  • Stay clear of the large trucks, and keep yourself safe.
  • Best wear closed shoes that you most likely will need to dispose of. Avoid flip-flops and sandals.
  • Don´t turn up in your “Sunday Best.” Old throwaway clothing will suffice.
  • On the sound of the second shot, remember you must stop throwing any more tomatoes.

Try not to miss seeing the “Palojabon.” This is the creased-up pole with a large chunk of ham on top.

The festival is meant only to commence when someone successfully climbs up the pole and retrieves the ham. But, guess what, no one can get up the pole. So get throwing the moment the water cannon starts.

What else does Valencia have to offer MotoDreamer Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders throughout the year?

Wine Events

Music Events

Urban beaches.

Boat Tours and Sailing.

Segway City & MarinaTours.

Balloon Flights over the City.

Food, Wine, and Vineyard Tours.

Deep wooded valleys of oak and pine trees.

Bird watching paradise for residents and visiting migratory birds.

There are three mountains near Valencia, perfect for Adventure Riders.

Valencia is the home of Paella. Well according to the locals that is, and who are we to disagree with them?

Paella is Spain´s national dish, and as you can imagine all regions of Spain will have their own unique tasting recipe to devour. Valencians are so proud of their traditional recipe that they will refuse to eat it anywhere else but Valencia.

In conclusion, this article is titled: MotoDreamer´s New Heartland – Spain.

MotoDreamer has chosen well. Valencia has it all and more. Starting and finishing your Adventure Tours on a motorcycle has the perfect location to achieve and meet all your goals and needs.

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Westerly lies Portugal.

To the South lies Gibraltar, Morocco, Algeria, and the continent of Africa.

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