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Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe.

Motorbike touring in Southern Europe is full of scenic visions and open tarmac roads. The alternative to rugged mountain trails and challenging terrains. If you wish for comfort and adventure, then look no further. Southern Europe has both.

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Suppose you asked Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders the world over what are the magnetic attractions that bring you back again and again to the open road.

They will immediately say – dealing with rugged mountain trails flat plains, waterfalls, rocky coastlines, mountain lakes, and challenging terrains.

 Great news because the subregion of Southern Europe is packed with unforgettable touring experiences.

Notwithstanding an abundance of history everywhere you go.
Spain, Portugal, Malta, San Marino, Greece, Italy, Croatia, and Albania.


That’s only half the story
Andorra, Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and finally Northern Macedonia.

What can you expect? Meatballs, Unesco World Heritage Sites, wolves, stamp collecting, plate smashing, ancient ruins, dalmatians, castles, cold soup, hot springs, escargots, and Dracula.

The Epic History of Southern Europe should always begin with a MotoDreamer Adventure Motorcycle Touring expedition.

Fangs very much.

Why not head to MotoDreamer to plan your next unforgettable motorbike adventure tour of Southern Europe. You will not regret it.

Whether you refer to them as motorbikes or motorcycles or call your adventure tour a vacation or holiday, it does not matter. MotorDreamer will assist you in creating lasting memories and your digital camera full of vistas.

From the first-rate historical possibility of exploring Southern Europe, you will sample outstanding cuisine, majestic surroundings, and sights that alter with every bend in the road.

There is no more straightforward or refined way to touring in Southern Europe than riding a rental bike from Independent Adventure Motorcycle Touring Operator – MotoDreamer.

With MotoDreamer, if you go down the rental bike route, fear not; it will be fully serviced and ready for you. Experience a host of other services too. Such as a local guide with his support motorbike—a planned set of routes for maximum effect. Providing you don’t disturb anyone, a carefully thought out hotel and accommodation package.

Much thought has gone into making your experience as smooth as possible.

Check out the link at the foot of this article to show your interest in touring with your motorbike through the countries of Southern Europe.

This insight will allow Mike and his team to plan a tour second to none in the countries you want to visit and explore.

Now, let’s look at the countries that make up Southern Europe.

Well, to start with, there are 15 countries in this subregion. They are.

  • Spain. Situated on the Iberian Peninsula to the south of Andorra and France. To its east lies Portugal. Madrid is the capital, and this country is well known for its high living standards, unique culture, and long and often epic history.
  • Don’t forget to sample any one of these delicious Spanish dishes:
  • Paella Valenciana, Patatas Bravas (known to me and you as (Brave Potatoes), Gazpacho (Tomato based soup), Jamon (Cured Ham), Tortilla, and Albondigas (Meatballs)
This next image for this Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe article is of a Spanish Flamengo Dancer. She is wearing a Black, red & white floral dress. The image attribute goes to Alexander Jawfox at Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • Portugal is a country that lies with its west and south borders along the Atlantic coastline. A nation world-famous for its Azulejos or glazed blue ceramic tiles. Not forgetting their rich port wine, exciting football, pristine beaches, and charming castles. I have saved Lisbon to the last. With its metropolitan capital of endless evidence of its unmatched history to behold.
  • Like Spain, the Portuguese have many culinary delights to savor such as grilled sardines, Bifanas sandwiches, and Piri Piri Chicken.
In this image is a fine example of Portuguese Azulejos or Glazed Blue Ceramic Tiles. This a typical scene that can be found on many of the  Lisbon Streets. Nearly always blue and white. This image attributed to Yana Marudova at Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • Malta. The official Republic of Malta comprises the main island and two smaller islands called Comino and Gozo. The latest population figures (2020) for the republic show over 515,000 inhabitants. You will find most living in or near the city of Valletta.
  • When touring in Malta do not forget to sample their national rabbit stew called Stuffat tal-fenek followed by a dish of Casata.

Despite being a small island, Malta can boast of having 10 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

This next image for this Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe is of the Island of Malta. Here you can the surrounding sea inbetween the Maltese buildings. Image attributed to Zoltan Tasi at Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • San Marino.  This hilly landlock enclave surrounded by Italy is well known for being the oldest surviving republic globally. The republic forms part of the Apennine mountain range. The San Marinos plays host to over 3 million tourists annually, which helps them have a healthy economy.
  • Now if you are a coin or stamp collector. You will be in heaven as many collectors around the world know only too well that San Marino has become the hub for collectors.

Author’s Note: time for a pot of Colombian roast and a comfort break. I’ll be back in five mins with the continuance of this article titled Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe.

Welcome back; now we are all feeling comfortable, let’s continue.

Image showing the lanscape of San Marino with an abundance of fields, settlements, and smooth roads. Great for motobike Adventuring in Southern Europe. Image attributed to Nicole Maelle at Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • Greece. The southernmost located country in Southern Europe. Here you will find Forests and mountain lakes scattered within the rugged mountains. At the mountain plateau below, you will discover the longest coastline in Europe.
  • Foodwise, the Greeks are famous for their Moussake, Stifado, and Pastitsio (The greek version of Lasagna.)
  • Don’t forget for one minute, that great tradition of plate smashing. Who of us enjoys washing up after a great meal?
  • In all directions, North, South, East, and West, you will find 1000s of small islands surrounding Greece. You only have to head to the Mediterranean Sea in the South, the Ionian Sea in the West, or the Aegean Sea in the East.

Remember, there are two sides to Greece. First, the modern, metropolitan, mixed with having some of the busiest holiday resorts in Europe.

Image displaying two brown columns in front of a temple ruin in Greece. Image attributed to Cristina Collardi at Unsplash via Pinterest.

Then second. Of course, we must never forget Ancient Greece.

Author’s pause for thought….Does Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe qualify as an Olympic Event?

  • Greece is renowned for being the Cradle of Western Civilization. It can also boast of creating the Olympic Games. Even the birth of democracy. Ancient Greece the home to many ancient temples such as The Acropolis, the Apollo, the Poseidon, and the Parthenon.
  • Italy. This country occupies the peninsula that cuts deep down into the Mediterranean Sea. Here you will find the most scenic and varied landscapes in Southern Europe. Maybe in the World.
  • As you well know the Italians are world-famous for their pizzas. Rember the old adage ‘‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do.’’ They are telling you to go for the Risotto first followed by either the Carbonara or Lasagna.
Here is an image of Northern Italy with the Alps in the background and pine trees in front surrounding an Italian Lake. Image attributed to David O. Andersen at Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • Here in the north of Italy, you will discover the majestic and rugged mountain range of the Alps. Because of the shape of the country, people often refer to Italy as the boot of Southern Europe.
  • Croatia. A Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider will have no problems finding rolling hills, densely wooded forests, flat plains, rocky coastlines, and mountain lakes. All situated between Bosnia, Herzegovina, and Slovenia.
  • If you really wish to impress the locals and you love seafood. Then head straight for the Black Risotto or locally known Crni Rizot. You will taste garlic, olive oil, red wine, squid, and squid ink.

If Dalmatians are one of your favorite dogs, you will be pleased to know that Croatia is the “Dalmatian Homeland.”

A great image of a Dalmatian for this article titled Motorbike Adventure touring in Southern Europe. It goes well with the brief description of Croatia. Image attributed to Karolina Marsalkova via Facebook.
  • Albania is a small country in the mountainous regions of the Balkan Peninsula. It is nestled between Northern Greece and Italy. Albania’s landscape can only be described as natural beauty.
  • As for the Albanian cuisine, if you love cooked food, do not pass on tasting Ferges (a Summer stew) or the Byrek (which is the Albanian national pie.)

As I compose this article on Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe. Every now and then I feel the need to pause to fill my coffee mug to the brim again. I do love my Colombian Roast.

  • Add to the cuisine from the Mediterranea., Castles, and archaeological sites, and you will have the opportunity to discover an untapped paradise. Open roads and very little tourism are the attraction of Albania to our Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders.  Just think, you have work hard all year, so its time for some rest and exploration.
Another landscape image for the article titled Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe. This time it is Albania, with its natural beauty and large green trees. This image attributed to Drinin Teta of Unsplash via Pinterest.

Albania has a very small population of some three million souls, and many are Muslims. One exception was the famous soul from their past – Mother Teresa. I had no idea this lady had her roots in Southern Europe.

  • Bulgaria is the oldest European country. It was founded in 681AD and home to hot springs, mountains, plains, lakes, and rivers.

Also situated on the Balkan Peninsula, five countries surround this country.

For me, the best cold soup in the world has to come from Bulgaria. It comprises cucumbers, walnuts, dill, lemon, herbs, yogurt, garlic, and vinegar. It is so fresh tasting and a firm favorite for the locals in their summertime.

They are Turkey, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, and Greece. Bulgaria is also home to the Black Sea. Food-wise, sampling their baklava, kyufte, and moussaka will leave you drooling for more.

This image shows a market stall full to the brim of vaious baklava  delicacies. Attributed to Michael Parulava at Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina are also referred to as “The heart Shaped Land.” Here Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders are captivated by the East meets West atmosphere and surroundings.
  • Steep in the Ottoman and Astro-Hungarian histories, you will discover many medieval ruins. All mixed with stunning views of waterfalls, rivers, mountains, and not forgetting the unusual cities and towns.
  • When it comes to exploring their cuisine head straight for Baklava and Cevapi. Both are amazing to eat.
An image displaying one of the unusual looking towns in Bosnia & Herezgovina. Image attributed to Zac Wolff at unsplash via Pinterest.
  • Andorra is small and easily missed from your itinerary. But try not to miss it. Andorra, the world’s only Co-principality nestled between Spain to the West and South and France to the East and North.
A image displaying typical houses you will come across when traveling through Andorra. Image attributed to Andrea Rodriguez at Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • If you head to the Southern peaks of the Pyrenees, you will definitely find Andorra. Is it safe to go there? Well, they have never been to war in over a thousand years. Therefore, it must be safe!

Nice to know motorbike touring in Southern Europe should be safe.

They are more preoccupied with growing tobacco and entertaining the hordes of tourists who flock there. Now we know all you Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders are brave and can handle any challenge.

  • If you are adventurous with your palete, great, in this country head into the nearest eatery and order a plate of Escargots. (Oven-baked snails in olive oil and garlic mayo.) If this is one step too far for your tummies go for the Andorran national dish called Escudella. This winter dish will warm you up.
  • Did you know that Romania also has the Black Sea on its coastline? You can locate this country at the crossroads of Southeastern and Central Europe. Romania has five countries bordering it with Hungary, Serbia, Bulgaria, Moldova, and Ukraine. The mountain ranges known collectively as the Carpathians run from west to north.
An Image of a pair of wolves resting together for the Romania paragraphs in the article Motorbik Touring in Southern Europe. Image attributed to Linda Kazares of Unsplash via Pinterest.
  • Now for the Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders amongst you. When visiting Romania, keep an eye for Dracula, wolves, stuffed cabbage, medieval fortresses, salt mines. To steady your nerves – you will discover wine by the vat load.
  • Talking about food, if you want to avoid the stuffed cabbage, try instead either the grilled minced Meat rolls known as Mici or the Pomana Porcului (Honoring the Pig.)

  • Author’s Note: I now live and work in South America and the chances of me sampling the Pomana Porcului is more or less nonexistent. Please send me a pic and a brief description.
  • In the meantime. It’s time for you Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders to have a short break from Motorbike touring in Southern Europe. See you again all fresh and raring to continue.

    • Slovenia is more in Central Europe than Southern Europe. But because of its neighbors, I felt I should include it in this article titled “Motorbike Touring in Southern Europe.”
    A beautiful image of the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Image attributed to Eugene Kuznetsov at unsplash via pinterest.

    It’s a shame that not many Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders know much about a country that has a city no one can name (Ljubljana). Now pronounce that out loud. If you do make it to this enchanting city try the dumplings and trout.

    • The inhabitants enjoy dressing up and ensuring they are one of the most environmentally-friendly nations today.
    • The Former Yugoslavia Republic of Macedonia (now referred as Northern Macedonia} is landlocked because of its location in Southeastern Europe. Therefore, like many countries in this subregion, Macedonia shares its borders with Serbia, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Albania, and Greece.
    This image shows one of the mountain tops in Macedonia. Sadly I could not fine a mountain image with the bears, wolves, deer and boars that roam and hunt their prey in this terrain. Image attributed to Slavcho Malezanov at unsplash via pinterest.
    • Now I know Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders enjoy mountains. Never be disappointed as Macedonia’s territory is full of mountains. 34 of them having mountaintops above 2000 meters. Imagine motorbike touring in a small country where 85% of the landmass is mountains. You might find yourself up close to wolves, bears, deer, and the occasional boar.
    • Serbia was once known as one of the countries that made up the Republic of Yogoslavia. This final country in our list is home to nearly 7 million souls. You will find many live and work in or around the city of Belgrade. A city noted for being one of the oldest cities in Southern Europe.
    Serbian cevapi, cevapcici, Balkan minced meat kebab on a white plate with marinated cabbage, fried potatoes and fried onions on a wooden background. Close up. Image paid for under subscription at 123rf.
    • The Serbians are famous for their culture, hospitality, good humor, talkative and polite all at the same time. Once they see Adventure Motorbike Touring Riders, they will give their full attention, as in their culture, it would be rude not too.

    Author’s Note, As you can see, I have given you a tiny sample of information about each country that makes up Southern Europe. And their mouthwatering cuisines. Your individual pathway in motorbike touring in Southern Europe can easily begin with MotoDreamer.

    To try an Adventure Tour on your motorbike around all 15 of the countries listed would realistically take a good couple of months to get done.

    So MotoDreamer thought it best to divide up Motobike Touring in Southern Europe further.

    Mike and his MotoDreamer team are working out and planning the calendar for 2022 and 2023 motorbike adventure tours of Southern Europe. More news soon. Also, keep an eye out for the 80 Days Around the World Challenge! Yes, Jules Verne is being remembered after 150 years!

    In the meantime, take yourself to the following links, where the route will take you to Uganda, Oman & Dubai, and India.

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