Motorcycle Safari Tours in Uganda

Motorcycle safari tours in Uganda. Does the thought of African wildlife up close with a MotoDreamer Motorcycle Safari Tour excite you?

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Have you ever considered mixing Adventure Touring on your motorcycle and visiting wild animals in their natural habitat?

How about doing it right up close to the big 5 on a motorbike safari in Uganda?

Great news for all Adventure Motorcycle Riders who love touring and animals. You will not be disappointed.

What can you expect?

Protein-rich Grasshopper Eating

National parks teeming with….tons of crocodiles, hippos, rhinos, lions, hyenas, giraffes, elephants, chimpanzees, and of course

Silverback Mountain Gorillas.

Not forgetting all the other wild animals and exotic birds who live in the same natural environment.

Waterfalls, tea plantations, zip-lining, white water rafting, and boat safaris.

In short summary, the Independent MotoDreamer Adventure Motorcycle Touring Operator has many trips, safaris, and life-changing experiences waiting for you here in Uganda.

How about Lunching on the Equator Line at Victoria Falls?

 Read on while your coffee is brewing.

Let’s go on a safari together and see what we can discover.

For tourists, Uganda is the perfect location for getting up real close to animals, birds, and East African tribes and their cultures.

Again imagine yourself on the motorcycle safari tours in Uganda.

Only this time, you will do it all on the back of a MotoDreamer motorcycle and much closer.

Uganda is unique. It’s the only country in the world that caters to Motorcycle safari tours to get real close to the ‘Big 5’ and all its other wildlife.

Author’s note: The Big 5 term originated with the Queen Victorian era trophy hunters back in the 1800s. They did not use digital cameras to shoot the African Elephant, the Buffalo, Rhino, Lion, or the shy Leopard.

There followed nearly 200 years of trophy hunting to bring them close to extinction.

The practice of hunting these animals continues today legally in South Africa. Happily, the Ugandans did not and are more than happy to show off their massive array of animals to us all.

In the dry seasons, you can guarantee the heat will bring all the animals to wherever there are some of their favorite freshwater sources. 

Silhouette of an elephant, walking on Kazinga channel (Uganda). Some fishers can be seen behind, on small boats of wood

You can be there, especially when you are on a boating trip on the Kazinga Channel or Queen Elizabeth National Park.

Yes, you can rest from your motorcycle safari tours and sit on a Ugandan boat instead. This time viewing the crocodiles, hippos, rhinos, lions, hyenas, giraffes, elephants, and other thirsty wildlife. Happily, you will be sharing their waters with them.

Then, imagine spending time exploring tea plantations and meeting East African tribes. On many occasions, you will be negotiating numerous off-road terrains,  rivers, lakes, and waterfalls.

Of course, the big one you all want to participate in – Motorcycle Safari Tours with game spotting in the renowned Uganda National parks.

All the National Parks are full of exotic birds and curious wildlife, including chimpanzees, giraffes, and many pride of lions, all in their natural habitat.

Black & white image of a silverback Gorilla in Uganda.

If you are privileged, you’ll spend time with the last of only two communities of Silverback Mountain Gorillas in the world. (More about these “big boys” later.)

Author’s Note: Sorry, they are not the tea-sharing type, but if you have a good heart, they will tolerate you and may even look up and smile back.

Imagine one of these big boys accompanying you as your pillion rider on one of your next MotoDreamer Motorcycle Tours in Uganda.

Time for some background on the country of Uganda.

An image of the map of Uganda seen through a magnifying glass.

Topographics of Uganda.

Uganda is situated on the East side of Africa. No seas or oceans are bordering it. Its nearest ocean would be the Indian Ocean, some 800 km away.

Author’s Note: You would have to travel across the Equator line to reach it. Best take a bottle or two of water.

But Uganda does have Sudan to its north. Kenya to its west. The Democratic Republic of Congo to its east. Lastly, Rwanda and Tanzania to its south. All ideally placed for a motorcycle safari tour.

This situation leaves Uganda as a landlocked country. With a landmass of 200,523 square km of undulating beauty to behold.

Uganda is broken up into four regions: the Northern, Eastern, Western, and Central Regions. Kampala is the country’s capital and is located near Lake Victoria. (The second largest lake in the world and named after Queen Victoria.)

You will experience many new memories and adventures with the motorcycle safari tours in the ideally placed Western region of Uganda.

Uganda has a growing population. 

Since 1911, Uganda has recorded its growing numbers of people via Census counts. On the last Census published in 2016, they declared the population had grown to 34.6 million.

Author’s Note: As of 2019, the Ugandan population has now risen to over 44 million.

Subsequently, Uganda now has the second youngest population in the world. The majority of its citizens are under the age of 15.

Many believe the high birth rates and lack of education contribute to over 2 million babies being born each year. Most mothers will have six or more children.

Back in 2002, the figure was 24.2 million, thus giving them an average population growth rate of roughly 3% per year. There are slightly more females (55.4%) than males (44.6%) in the Uganda population.

They mainly live in approximately 7.3 million households situated in urban areas. Thereby giving the average household a population size of 4.7 each.

Kampala, the capital, has a population count of 1.5 million. Here you will hear many speaking in either English or Swahili.

When passing through on your motorcycles, you will see thousands of smaller bikes, with many riders without proper protective apparel. No leathers and no helmets. Also, many of these same riders and bikes are the Taxis of the highway!

You may well see Ugandan own designed vehicles under the name of Kiira Motors This success story started back in 2007, and now you can see electric hybrid cars and buses.

Author’s Note: I think it’s time for a comfort break and a pot of my lovely Colombian coffee. See you in 5 mins.

Welcome back to my article: Motorcycle Safari Tours in Uganda. Have you got a coffee nearby?

Over one million Indigenous tribal people are living in Uganda.

The Batwa tribes are one of five communities of indigenous people in Uganda. Their roots are from the ancient communities of hunters and gatherers. The Batwa number around 6,700, and they live mainly in the Southwestern region of Uganda.

You will meet these impoverished, marginalized, socially and politically exploited tribal people with their past rapidly disappearing. Their spirit keeps them going, and always they smile when welcoming strangers on their big noisy machines.

Seeing you guys on one of the motorcycle safari tours never ceases to amaze them.

Ugandans enjoy a warm tropical Climate. Their four seasons are spread out very similar to ours here in South America.

SeasonMonthsAverage Climate Info.
DryDecember to FebruaryJan & Feb are Uganda’s hottest months, and you can expect temps in the 24° to 33°C  or 52° to 91°F.
WetMarch to MayIn May time the temperatures start to fall to an acceptable 24° (76°F)
DryJune to JulyAs in the previous dry season, you can expect the temperatures to go higher the further north you go. 
WetSeptember to NovemberSimilar figs as the previous wet season. Also can drop further to 17.3°C or 63°F

Author’s Note: I think my house today has shifted onto the Equator Line. Time for agua.

You Motorcycle Safari Riders can expect the many Ugandan road conditions to be challenging and ready to conquer.

Image showing a lucky Uganda cyclist on a typical road in the dry season.

Author’s Note: Now, imagine the above Ugandan road in the wet season.

What can you expect while on the motorcycle safari tours in the Uganda climate?

While for any exotic Bird Watchers. You will ride through the magnificent off-road terrains of Western Uganda, you will see it silhouetted in the distance by the Ruwenzori Mountains.

These mountain peaks of 16,761 feet (5,109 meters) hold the only chance that you may have of seeing snow (Very. rare.) Nevertheless, they do have, on occasion, visible glaciers.

Uganda’s Waterfalls & Lakes (Seek out as many legends as you can regarding these forces of nature from your local MotoDreamer Motorcycle Safari Tours Leader.)

Uganda’s abundance of waterfalls is waiting for you to motorcycle towards, each one leaving you speechless and in awe on your arrival.

In words to describe each of them – SPECTACULAR & LEGENDARY springs to mind.

Image showing the spectacular sight of a Ugandan Waterfall.

You will have many opportunities to stop and soak in each one’s beauty—ideal moments to take short breaks to picnic at the feet of their tremendous power.

Often on your motorcycle safari tour in Uganda. You find the availability of other activities such as swimming, boat safaris, hiking, kayaking, white water rafting, and even zip-lining.

Author’s Note: One day, I will write an article on my zip-lining experiences in South America. I expect you will scream with laughter at my misadventures. I think I need a valium, see you after your next visit to the lav.

Hopefully, you are refreshed and ready to continue with my article – Motorcycle Safari Tours in Uganda.

Ugandan street food and grasshopper eating.

Ugandan street food consisting of Rolex Rolls on a typical coloured basket with a omelette and vegetable mixed and rolled in a fried chapati.

Like countries worldwide, the street fayre is widespread and often the day’s main meal for billions of people.

Uganda street fayre is no different. Here you will find many Ugandans standing in the streets eating their favorite fruits and vegetables. Or They are eating “Rolex Rolls” on a typical colored basket with an omelet layered with vegetables mixed and rolled in a fried chapati. 

Then you will come across youngsters weaving their way through the traffic, laden with a basket or plastic buckets of ready-to-eat deep-fried or boiled grasshoppers.

Like crickets and termites, Grasshoppers are extraordinary protein-rich.

Image showing a plastic bowl of ready-to-eat grasshoppers courtesy of

These grasshoppers are a cultural delicacy, enjoyed by the masses of Ugandans for centuries. The grasshoppers come out just after each wet season has begun. The local consumers enjoy a mini-season in May and go for it in the month of November.

As the industry is not regulated, you will see all Ugandans, no matter their status enjoying grasshopper eating.

Author’s Note: My preference would be deep-fried; looking at a bucket load of boiled insects just doesn’t do it for me.

Now it is time to return to the motorcycle safari tours & the Ugandan wildlife, exotic birds, and the “big boys.”

Ugandan National Parks

Ugandan national parks, with their lakes, landscapes and bundance of wildlife like this giraffe.

Ugandan has many national parks, lakes, landscapes, and abundant wildlife like the giraffe in the pic above.

With every turn you make, you will be amazed at the closeness you can achieve either on foot or on the back of your motorcycle.

All those wildlife programs you grew up with. From such likes as David Attenborough and Steve Irwin, who willingly gave us their experiences and worldly knowledge. Now all alive around you and not on a TV screen.

Panoramic image of the landscape of Queen Elizabeth National Park at sunrise, Uganda.

You have ridden on your motorcycle to experience an adventure. You now have the Panoramic images of the landscape of Queen Elizabeth National Park at sunrise and the sunset to look forward to.

Let your camera/video equipment do its job and capture as much as you can see and wish to remember.

The Gerenuk (Litocranius walleri), also known as the Waller's Gazelle, is a long-necked species of antelope found in dry bushy scrub and steppe in East Africa.

Now imagine you have captured this image of a Gerenuk (Litocranius walleri). She is also known as the Waller’s Gazelle.

These antelopes with their long necks can be found everywhere in Uganda. How close can your image be?

Ok, you have waited long enough. Now it’s time for you Motorcycle Safari Riders to meet the “Big Boys.”

Say Hello to the Silverback Mountain Gorillas.

Image of a Silverback Mountain gorilla looking up asking himself where did all those motorcycle safari tour guys come from

Image of a Silverback Mountain gorilla looking up asking himself, “where did all those motorcycle safari tour guys come from? They seem friendly and intelligent enough.”

As you will read from the link added from the WWF (The World Wildlife Organisation), our big friends have gone through some tough times. Sadly they will always need our help and protection.

Have a fantastic time with the Silverbacked Mountain Gorilla Community. It definitely will be one of the highlights of all of the Motorcycle Safari Tours in Uganda for sure.

Another highlight of the MotoDreamer Motorcycle Safari Tours in Uganda has to be “Lunching on the Equator Line.”

Victoria Falls from the air in the afternoon.

Lake Victoria and Victoria Falls sit ideally on the Equator Line, making it a perfect place to lunch with your fellow Motorcycle Safari Riders.

While your Motorcycles are taking their well-earned rest in one of the many restaurant car parks you can ponder over the following facts:

  • Lake Victoria is the largest lake on the African Continent at a massive 68,800 sq km. Only in the world does the Lake Superior reign King with an impressive 82,103 sq km.
  • A British Army Captain called John Haning Speke named this huge lake after his British Queen. Lake Victoria is a fitting name in honor of his then Queen.
  • If you think Baby Boomers are old, just imagine you are over 400,000 years old, like the lake.
  • With that timeline, it is no wonder that it has an incredible history to explore. One such point is that the lake in its time has lost its Rainwater totally on many occasions. The last episode occurred some 17,000 years ago.
  • The lake shares its shores with Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya. It is the source of the mighty Nile River. This freshwater flows out from Uganda and rushes non-stop through the East of Africa. Aiming for Eqypt and finally merging with the Mediterranean Sea.

If you fancy swimming in the lake I would avoid it for two reasons: One, at its deepest. It is 276 feet. Second, the lake contains the Bilharzia Parasite.

Author’s Note: Best to avoid this Snail Fever danger.

  • The ferries crossing the lake originated back in the 1890s. When the British commenced crossings with boat service as part of the Ugandan Railway Service. Author’s Note: Finally, we did something good.
  • For any exotic Bird Watchers, you will be pleased with this lake being home to massive numbers of different birds. Watch out for ducks, geese, pelicans, egrets, cormorants, and eagles.
  • Right in front of your eyes, many of them will be displaying their hunting skills when searching for their midday meal of fresh fish.
  • If hippo watching is your bag, again, you will not be disappointed. You will find many grazing along the lake’s shoreline and bays.

And all this happens while you are resting from your motorcycle safari tour and now lunching on the Equator Line.

Image showing a trio of Ugandan Rhinos from behind.

The final image for today has to be this image of a trio of Rhinos from their behinds, saying “Goodbye for now” to the Motorcycle Safari Riders on their MotoDreamer Motorcycle Safari Tour of Uganda.

When you have completed one of the MotoDreamer Motorcycle Safari Tours in Uganda, please send Mike & his MotoDreamer team three of your favorite pics from the tour.

Give them a brief written memory of why they became so important to you.


Author’s final note: Please also permit them to share with all the other MotoDreamer communities around the world.

Are you ready to book your place on one of the next Motorcycle Safari Tours in Uganda?

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