Motorcycle Touring in Southern India

Motorcycle Touring in Southern India. Are you contemplating a Motorcycle Adventure tour in Southern India? Shall we see what’s available?

Let’s explore together the possibilities with MotorDreamer’s Motorcycle Touring in Southern India.

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Is the destination of Southern India high on your bucket list? Would Adventure Touring on your motorcycle fit the bill?
Are work, and family commitments no longer a barrier to donning the leathers once more?

 Great news for all Adventure Motorcycle Riders who love touring on two wheels. India will not be disappointing.

What can you expect?

Royal Enfield Motorcycles everywhere
Bengal Tigers, Holy cows, big elephants
Overcrowded buses and trains
Mountains, tea plantations, coastal roads, biodiverse geography, mangrove forests, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

In summary, the independent MotoDreamer Adventure Motorcycle Touring Operator has life-changing tours waiting for you here in Southern India.
How about spending an hour or two chatting to a Bengal Tiger?
Read on while your tea is brewing.

Over 20% of the total Indian population resides in Southern India. They share a whopping 19.31% of India’s overall landmass. In comparison, you may have spent too long cooped up and itching to spread your “motorcycle touring wings.”

Your leather gear in storage is losing the fight against the particles of dust. It’s time for you to look at our next Motorcycle Touring in Southern India packages.

Or you know Asia well and wish to revisit Southern India. This time incorporates a Motorcycle Adventure Tour.

Like me, you may be a Baby Boomer who has dreamed of days spent long ago riding a motorcycle in their youth. Becoming a couch potato was never your aspiration.

In all those past days, the possibility of Motorcycle touring in Southern India just was not an option for you. Work and family commitments were always an obstacle.

Now times have changed for you, and so has your access to the world. Motorcycle Touring in Southern India looks a good fit for your bucket list.

Today you will discover what motorcycle touring in Southern India with MotorDreamer looks and feels like.

The recent times have been a bit problematic for us “Oldies” thinking our best days were behind us.

Your future seemed mapped out with you pottering around the garden and slipping on those comfy slippers. Secretly, you quietly hate them so much and what they represent.

You desire to live with adventure and freedom of choice once again.

Make Motorcycle Touring in Southern India your first choice.

  • Is it time to create your memories?
  • Are you a seasoned traveller and lifetime motorcycle adventurer? Is Easy Rider still fresh in your mind?
  • Does Billy Connolly or Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman give you the impetus to travel and explore as they did?
  • Are you itching to set off once again on those dusty, hairpin, jaw-dropping roads that made you feel alive?
  • Do you and a lifetime friend or friends have motorcycle touring in Southern India on your bucket list?

If you answered Yes to all of the above, make a beeline for Southern India.

Time for some facts:

Southern India sits in the Deccan Plateau Peninsular. To its eastern side lies the Bay of Bengal. Just the name of Bengal will instill in your mind the majestic Bengal Indian Tiger.

Southern india is the home of Bengal Tigers. On your motorcycle touring in Southern india, you will have the opportunity to see them up close.

Bengal Tigers are kept safely in the Southern Indian reserves.

To the western side lies the romantically sounding Arabian Sea.  Here pictured in your imagination all that you wish and hope for. With no more sitting in front of a TV watching a documentary about some famous motorcyclist touring the wonders of the world.

Remember, Motorcycle Touring in Southern India will test your skills as well as your body many times. But the rewards are unmeasurable.

Have you done this before? Is there a valid reason not to experience it again?

Your first steps and impressions will be the first memory building blocks that will last a lifetime.

Motorcycling Touring in Southern India

At the southern tip lies the Indian Ocean. Imagine standing on the coastal road leaning against your motorcycle, staring out at the ocean waves, sensing no more restrictions on space for you.

What is required is open space via a motorcycle tour by the bucket loads.

Now turn around and look at the vast landmass that makes up Southern India in front of you. Sensing you are alive like never before. I bet you are smiling from ear to ear. Time to jump on your bike, brush off those dusty particles from your leather jacket and explore. 

What Geography can you expect while motorcycle touring in Southern India?

Southern India has two mountain ranges known locally as the Western and Eastern Ghats. Imagine an inverted triangle bounded by the Bay of Bengal on the eastern side and the Arabian Sea on the western side.

Image of tea plantations and the Ghats silhouetted in the distant landscape.

Image of tea plantations and the Ghats silhouetted in the distant landscape. e

The two Ghats were formed between 66 & 67 million years ago with the activity of volcanoes. These activities continued for over 30,000 years allowing layer after layer of Basalt beds to settle and form.

When finally, the volcanoes decided to rest. They became extinct. They were leaving behind vast areas that stretched as far as your eyes can see. Thus creating a table like a plateau that you see to this day.

With abundant water from the many rivers and tributaries, the plateau has flourished continuously to our present time. Your playground awaits.

Whether you are arriving from the eastern or western sides of Southern India, you are on the narrow coastal strips facing inland with the seas behind. Follow the silhouettes of the mountain ranges protecting and leading to the middle known as the Deccan Plateau peninsular.

Time to Listen to your MotoDreamer Motorcycle Touring Team Leader.

This fully trained local expert will explain all that you will need to know, trust in him; he will ensure your safety at all times. Don’t think about GPs and maps. He will be your font of all local knowledge.

Here are some aspects that are worth knowing in advance:

Both mountains run from North to South on either side of the plateau, allowing for a unique variation of climate temperatures throughout each year.

You can expect, on average, the following climate pattern:

  • Springtime (February to March) is primarily sunny and pleasant to experience. Suppose your itinerary allows for an early in the year break. Slip in a Motorcycle Touring in Southern India package.
  • Summertime (April to June) will be sunny and hot. A type of climate many Adventure motorcycle Touring Riders relish to travel in.
  • Monsoon time (July to Mid-sept) is best avoided as the rainfall, the humidity, and the temperatures will be extreme.
  • Autumn time (September to November) will be another excellent opportunity to get a Motorcycle touring in Southern India package booked. Around the world, as in Southern India, the kids are back at school. The roads are all the freer for your chosen playground.
  • In Wintertime (December to January) if you can get away from the coldness of the Northern Hemisphere, then Southern India, with its sunny and pleasant climate, will suit you fine.

If you love flora and fauna diversity in plantations and animals, you will be thrilled with what Southern India has to offer:

When motorcycle touring in Southern india you will ride through many UNESCO Heritage sites.
Southern India is the home to 9 of the total 36 UNESCO heritage sites in India.

With Southern India’s varied climates and biodiverse geography, you will tour through deciduous forests along the Ghats in the west. Your playground will become the rain forests and the many off-road terrain opportunities to test your skills in the southwest.

You will also ride through the challenging terrains on the coastal plains. Making many of them classed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Southern India has 9 of the 36 sites in all of India. Your MotoDreamer Motorcycle Touring Team Leader will keep you well informed.

Author’s note: The link below will give you more information on the UNESCO sites in Southern India. I am off to “spend a penny” See you when you get back….

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in India

Welcome back to our article titled Motorcycle Touring in Southern India. Now, did you check out the UNESCO Link? Great, let’s ride on.

You will have the opportunity to visit wildlife & bird Sanctuaries, Not forgetting the Bengal tiger reserves, mangrove forests, historical forts, and even a Tea Station.

The Holy and sacred cow community in Southern India can be found everywhere. When you are motorcycle touring in Southern India, it pays to keep an eye out for them.
The Holy and sacred cow community of Southern India can be found everywhere.

The Holy and sacred cow community of Southern India can be found everywhere.

When motorcycle touring in Southern India, you might come in close contact with the odd cow or elephant.

Best to be careful as with the cows they are treated as holy and the elephants come in big size only.

Why are Cows holy & sacred in Southern India?

Cows in the whole of India and Hinduism are seen as revered animals and represent Mother Earth. All the cows are the providers of goodness, with their milk nourishing all creatures on earth.

In nearly all Hindu stories, the deity called Krishna is often portrayed in his life as a cow herder. Many of the same stories passed down through generations to children refers to Krishna as the child who protects all the cows.

The animals are not restricted to holy cows or big elephants. You may well come across Indian Leopards, Grizzled giant Squirrels, Sloth Bears, Lion-tailed Macaque, and many more than can be mentioned here.

You will lose count of the number of Indian Elephants you will see in Southern India

You will lose count of the number of Indian Elephants you will see in Southern India.

What can I expect the locals to be like seeing a Motorcycle Touring in Southern India group passing through their neighborhood?

Inland, as much as 48% of the Southern Indian working population is on the agricultural side of the economy. The farmers and their workers are very much dependent on the seasons and the monsoons.

On your rides, you will see many fields dedicated to the cultivation of rice, sugarcane, ragi, mangoes, cotton tea, coffee, chili, spices, and rubber.

If you have been lucky enough to travel and explore the South American regions, you will know what I see as I compose this article for you.

When you are on the coastal routes with their 89 ports and are lucky in timing,  you may be close to seals, whales, and dolphins.

Wherever you go in Southern India, the locals will be some of the friendliest people in the world. Their smiles are infectious, and their willingness to give you the best welcome will always be on display.

But if none of the above is your priority, there are still the Southern India open roads….

Whether negotiating hairpin bends, tight corners, or motorcycling to victory over your friends. Remember, safety must always come first. Just like back home, you would never cross a road without checking first.

The same sense of staying safe for all our Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders is the highest priority with MotoDreamer.

The planning of routes and destinations is a close second—all risks are calculated to maintain safety at all costs. There will be many occasions, indeed, when negotiating mountain trails, that slow is king.

Author’s note: At the end of this article, there is a link to a brilliant article by Andrew Moore on how to deal with mountain trails. It is full of sound advice and one you will read again and again. 

Motorcycle Touring in Southern India & their Railway System.

There are over 12,783 miles of National Highways or for European riders 20,573 km to explore. As for the State Highways, you can expect 29,088 miles or 46,813 km.

Apart from the towns and cities, you will find perfect opportunities to rev up and enjoy the wind and open spaces as you motorcycle across Southern India.

A typical scene of the Southern India Railway.

If you like big engines, keep an eye out for the Great Indian Peninsula Railway stock. Their  English railway roots originated back in 1853, and no doubt you will see the odd, slightly overcrowded “Puffer Train” on your travels.

Again like the locals, do avoid banging into any one of them on their many miles of railway tracks.

If flying to Southern India is of interest to you:

You will be assured to know that Southern India has 24 airports, 9 of which are of international size. At the same time, the remainder caters to all the domestic traffic. A further two are for cargo use.

Like many countries, tourism is vital for their GDP, and Southern India is no exception. The locals here need you and want you to come and explore and become friends with them.

They fully understand and appreciate the importance of seeing MotoDreamer Motorcycle Touring in Southern India groups.

If you can communicate with dogs and cats at home, you will have no problems getting through to these 252 million beautiful people of Southern India.

Apart from the bike riding experience. If religion also interests you, Southern India, with its large population, has much to share with you. 84% of its people follow the Hinduism religion. Another 11% follow Islam, and 4% make up the Christian believers.

No doubt, you will be asking many questions to satisfy your hunger for knowledge. You will never be bored with this motorcycle touring adventure.

Now we have to discuss the food.

Southern Indian cuisine will leave you salivating for more.

Southern Indian cuisine will leave you drooling for more.

You will find an abundance of freshly cooked rice and fish for all tastes in the coastal regions. I love both. No need for processed food like in our Northern Hemisphere lifestyles. Bring on all those wonderful flavors from spices galore.

When motorcycle touring in Southern india The image of sitting down and eating your food is a tradition you will come to enjoy.

The image of sitting down and eating your food is a tradition in many parts of Southern India.

Often you will be able to enjoy the traditional way of eating your evening meal by sitting on the floor, having your food served to you on a banana leaf, followed by you using your right hand to take the food and passing it to your mouth.

By doing this, you will find leaning forward slightly and moving back between portions allows your digestive system to produce more stomach acids, permitting them to digest your food much quicker.

Author’s note: The next time you order your favorite takeaway, why not practice the above? That way, you will become a healthy veteran who will bring an abundance of smiles to your Southern Indian hosts with your confidence in full view.

As always, ensure your hands are clean and wash often.

Here you can not only travel safely, but you can also eat healthily. As always, there are new varieties of fruits and vegetables for you to sample and many well-known to enjoy in the Southern Hemisphere.

So you are watered and fed. What is the best way of Motorcycle touring in Southern India?

In Southern India travel in style on a Royal Enfield bike.

In Southern India, travel in style on a Royal Enfield bike.

Mike and his MotoDreamer team know their customers well. To a man and a woman, they love their bikes. In Southern India, the best way to ride is by the open road with the breeze on your face and astride a reliable Royal Enfield Motorcycle.

If you are not sure of the remarkable history of  Royal Enfield, check out the following link and watch their brilliant video.

Royal Enfield Journey Since 1901

Author’s note: Don’t forget to come back, there is still lots to tell you. While you are gone, I will make a cup of tea.

Welcome again to our Motorcycle Touring in Southern India article. You are at the final hurdle now.

When stopping for any reason, please make it a practice always to check everything is safe and secure. That way, when you move off if something has gone amiss, passport, riding glove, papillon rider, you know what I mean. You will not have far to find them again.

Always keep your safety paramount, and you will build memories that others will be jealous of. Remember and continue accepting that not everyone worldwide has the safe knowledge of riding on the open roads as you do.

The traffic in Southern India is a prime example, so always think defensively and help them save their lives with some of the daftest decisions you may ever witness them make.

Author’s Note: All pics are Royalties Paid via JumpStory and iStock by Getty Images.

If you are smiling with your imagination of what motorcycle touring in Southern India will mean to you, then you are on the same road as me.

Here is the article link I mentioned earlier in this article by Andrew Moore. Well worth reading.


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