The BMW F850 GS is the new mid size adventure bike from BMW taking over after more than a decade with the BMW F800 GS model.* Seat height: 33.9 Inch  * Weight: 504 lbs (229 kg) 1) * Power: 90 hp at 8,000 rpm.

The BMW F850 GS is the latest mid size from BMW

For over a decade we have been using the previous mid size adventure motorcycle models from BMW – the BMW F800 GS and BMW F700 GS. Both solid touring bikes that were fairly reliable and easy to handle. The new kid on the block unfortunately is now being built in Asia, though BMW will not tell you, and we as a tour operator dealing with the bikes everyday are seeing a lowering on the product quality while prices go up like never before. This is clearly an attempt from BMW to capitalize on the amazing marketing efforts they have done over the last two decades and resulting in BMW positioning their brand as the go to motorcycle adventure bike in the world. 

Hard to make this claim now when the built quality of your product do no longer match the image and price point you have reached. And there is a very good chance that us riders will notice very quickly the faults and look elsewhere. With the incredible amount of new mid size adventure bikes in the market one could argue that BMW has done them self a bear’s service with the production of this lesser quality BMW F850 GS.

The good features

On the good side, the BMW F850 GS is a comfortable bike with good power to handle most terrain and have fun on curvy paved roads. But the bike is really not capable nor reliable on the dirt and if you plan to do a big overland trip to areas without 24 hour roadside assistance or a BMW dealership nearby, we strongly recommend you look for a different brand of adventure bike. For the shorter fully supported mostly paved tours that we run in places like Colombia, Russia and Thailand where the BMW F850 GS is available to rent you are in good hands with our team of professionals that will make sure your trip will go smoothly and as planned, also when you choose to ride the BMW F850 GS. Here’s a review from