This Honda twin engine is a super fun ride in the curves and with a low seat height a favorite with riders that prefer both feet planted on the ground at stops.* Seat height: 812 mm (32.0 inches) * Weight: 196.0 kg (432.1 pounds) * Power: 46.40 HP (33.9 kW)) @ 8500 RPM


Honda almost broke the internet when they returned to the adventure touring market with the new Africa Twin some years back. But in fact they already had a good little workhorse in the Honda CB500X. Not a full on adventure bike, but great for touring where a few dirt roads here and there are in the way. And with a few modifications, for example from Rally Raid in the UK, this little 500cc bike has taken a good amount of riders out on some serious around the world adventures. 

Honda is still missing a serious bike in the mid-size adventure segment and we can only hope the rumours of a near 700-800cc Transalp / Dominator rebirth are true. In the meantime the little Honda CB500X is a good simple option. It can hang with the big boys most of the way. The bike handles great in tight curves and is actually surprisingly comfortable to ride. The seat height is lower and so is the overall weight. This makes for easier handling if you want to save your energy. 

The latest version now has a styling that looks like a mini Africa Twin. Hopefully Honda will see the potential in changing more of the features on the bike to become more receptive to adventure riding by adding a few off road essential changes. I wish for spoke rims instead of cast and an improved suspension travel. Possibly putting a 21′ front wheel on would do wonders. The bike would still be nimble and not to tall for most riders. And the spectrum of opportunities with this bike would be multiplied several times.