Husqvarna Norden 901 is the latest adventure touring machine and the first bigger size from the Swedish manufacturer. Husqvarna is under the wing of Austrian KTM and it seems they share several engineering tricks to the point were some parts can be used on both the 901 and KTM’s 890. Nothing wrong with sharing when both bikes are awesome. Seat height: 33,6 inches * Wet Weight: 449 lbs * Power: 105 horsepower, ABS.


Husqvarna has really been working hard the last few year to create some awesome machines including the new Husqvarna Norden 901. This is the latest bike to come from the Swedish manufacturer now under Austrian/Indian ownership. Yes, that’s right, Husqvarna has been taken under the umbrella of KTM and this has resulted in line of new adventure touring bikes and enduro machines. 

One such new offering is the highly anticipated Husqvarna Norden 901. The big brother to the awesome 701. As with both the 701 and the 901 they seem to share a lot in common with their KTM relatives 690 Enduro and 890 Adventure. So much so that some parts and accessories apparently fit from one bike to the other. Maybe not so strange that KTM is choosing to possibly share some development and design directly with Husqvarna. Hopefully, the differences between the bikes will be greater than the shared specs so we get more options on the market. 

We definitely look forward to including this new 901 on tours.  It will be available in selected destinations around the world. If you are interested in riding this bike on tour you need to follow the slider below. As we add new destinations to our program we’ll start to have the bike available to rent. 

The internet is full of great reviews about of the bike already and we will soon add a small video review of our own. Seems there is a real contender on the market to take the title as top dog in the mid-range adventure motorcycle segment. The segment is getting crowded with amazing options, so let’s hope Husqvarna can stand up to the pressure!