South America Top 2 Bottom Part 1 Expedition

South America Top 2 Bottom MotoDreamer Expedition Part 1 & 2 is a massive 60 Days of full-on adrenaline, mind-blowing, and life-changing excitement for those lucky to go. Come with me to learn what you will experience in Part 1 with Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru. Then head to Part 2 for Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

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South America Top 2 Bottom MotoDreamer Expedition Part 1

Colombia, Ecuador, and Perú.


  • SIX countries: Part 1 (Colombia, Ecuador, Perú.) Part 2 (Bolivia, Chile, & Argentina)
  • Cartagena – the most romantic city in Latin America
  • Caribbean coast and beaches
  • Exciting Metropolis Medellin
  • Coffee Plantation Tour
  • Las Lajas – famous cathedral
  •  Pan American Highway
  •  Devils Waterfall in Baños
  •  Cusco Historic Center
  •  Machu Picchu day trip
  •  Nazca Lines
  •  Peruvian capital Lima
  •  Cuenca and Trujillo historic centers
  •  Mancora Pacific Ocean surf town
  •  High Andes mountains near Huaraz

All You need to know about MotoDreamer’s South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition in TWO fantastic parts!

What’s this expedition offering me as a seasoned Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider that I have not experienced before?

The best answer must come from Mike Thomsen, Chief Rider, Creator of this South America Top to Bottom expedition, formerly – “FIN DEL MUNDO,” which means “End of the World” in Spanish.

 “Our MotoDreamers “South America Top 2 Bottom” Expedition will take us all right there to the most southern point of this vast and exciting continent.”

MotoDreamer´s End of the World Expedition of South America Part 1 starts from Cartagena in Colombia and heads down through Peru Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and ends in Argentina´s province at the most southern point of Ushuaia better known as Tierra del Fuego. ImageMap courtesy of Britanica.

“Tierra del Fuego – Land of Fire. Indeed the route starts in the very north of the South American continent in Cartagena, Colombia, ending in Ushuaia, Argentina.

Thus, passing through 6 counties (Colombia, Ecuador, Perú, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina). All on an incredibly varied but mostly paved “once-in-a-lifetime” motorcycle bucket-list adventure trip.”

To illustrate this, you will be riding vast chunks of the Pan American Highway in South America. Thus, picture beautifully paved roads mixed with fascinating historical and cultural destinations. With little to no tourists to queue up behind.

Get up close to wildlife, visit UNESCO World Heritage sites, experience incredible scenery, and equally important, rejoice in the extraordinary experiences with locals, teams, and crew members.

Believe us; there will be plenty to write home about. But, you must remember, this expedition is demanding, and riders need to prepare for anything. Since this trip is intended only for adventure motorcycle touring enthusiasts. Who we like to refer to as Seasoned Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders and demonstrate an extensive riding experience.

The physical condition and social qualities conducive to teamwork and the required flexibility for the journey’s success are a must.

We will be going up to high altitudes, around 5,000 meters. Where it will become quite cold, while most of the journey will be in humid and warm tropical conditions. The expedition will be fully supported by a 4×4 support truck, on-bike guides, and a very experienced crew from MotoDreamer.

You will ride a fully equipped rented dual sport bike from MotoDreamer in Colombia.

The official Logo for MotoDreamer the Global Adventure Motorcycle Touring Operator of this End of the World Expedition Part 1 scheduled for January to March 2023.

Also, we stay in mid-to-top-range hotels as we always opt for the best option available – a clean, safe, and practical location.

Temperatures can vary between 12 to 40°C (53.6 F to 104°F.) In contrast, expect temperatures to drop for a short period going over the mountain’s passes. Furthermore, MotoDreamer recommends you ride with ventilated riding gear.

In addition, a pullover rain suit is a good idea to carry against mountain temperatures and possible short rain showers that can occur year-round.

Now, here are 4 Awesome Reasons to be on the next South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition with MotoDreamer.

55% Difficulty.

15% Off-road.

      75% Pure Comfort.

   100% Fun Factor.

Here is another set of exciting Reasons to be on the next South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition part 1 with MotoDreamer.


Cartagena – the most romantic city in Latin America.

Known for its energy, vibe, and romantic feel. Thus, Cartagena is a great starting place for unwinding and getting ready for the great adventure ahead of you all.

The narrow streets are full of art, romantic boutique-style hotels, elegantly quaint bars, and romantically intimately led restaurants.

Yes, you got it. As a highly renowned writer once mentioned. Cartagena is a place for couples.* Resulting in many who are attracted to marry or have their honeymoon in a famous South American setting.

Image of Facade of the Makondo Hotel in the walled city of Cartagena de indies showing Gabriel Garcia Marquez on its front. Image under 123rf subscription.

*His name was Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Why not head to and read his timeless classic Love in the Time of Cholera?

The next day begins with riding south down the Caribbean coastal line towards Medellin, Colombia’s second-largest city.

Caribbean coast and beaches towards the exciting Metropolis – Medellin.

A full day out riding the Caribbean coastal roads with views of many Islands dotted here and there.

Medellin at dusk with colorful illuminated Sculptures takes pride of place in the exterior Plaza Botero Square. Image under subsciption with 123rf.

When you reach the outskirts of Medellin, you will start to see the second-largest Colombian city with its four million-plus “Paisas.” Which makes a very modern and vibrant thinking population.

Author´s Note: Expect a warm welcome and lots of smiles and disbelief from these Paisas as they learn of your “South America Top 2 Bottom” Expedition part 1 on your large Adventure-Touring Motorcycle.

The city, founded in 1616, rests in the Aburrá Valley. Uniquely, the Andes Mountains act as the main backdrop to the Metropolis. Furthermore, Coffee, textiles, museums, and tourism, make this a fascinating destination.

Do you love Colombian Coffee? Then spend a day on a plantation tour, park your motorbike, harvest some cherries, and create the roast.

Wherever you look at the Andes high ground of Colombia, you will notice nearly all the slopes are full of coffee plants. Each is protected by the canopy of adjoining Plantain (similar to bananas) trees. Thus, offering the plants vital shading protection from the ever-merciless sunrays.

The further up the mountain you go, the thinner the air. This allows a variety of temperatures to be felt, from high-temperature moments at midday to almost cold temperatures at midnight. Under these circumstances, the more the variation is, the more the coffee plants thrive.

Looking down on a landscape of Andes Mountains covered in coffee plants near Medellin, Colombia Another great subscribed image from 123rf for this article titled MotoDreamer´s End of the World Expedition.Part 1

Also, take note, let the willingness of the local coffee-growing experts guide you on all the various stages of harvesting coffee. Furthermore, the farmers will teach you the critical decisions on pruning the coffee plants. Cutting at the wrong place could kill any yield for the forthcoming year. Or create a potential overproduction of cherries for a possible three years following.

Author’s Note: I have been lucky to have gone on three such Plantation Tours in the past eight years, and subsequently, l have learned something new each time. My Love of coffee came from these dedicated farmers when I became a trained Barista and had my own coffee shop in Cali.

Before you recommence your MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 Bottom Part 1 Expedition, ask these farmers about Cascara Tea. Watch their eyes light up as they explain something you may know nothing about; it will surely astound you.

Now it’s time for you to visit a famous cathedral and sanctuary in the Southwest of Colombia at Las Lajas.

This Neo-Gothic-looking minor basilica was uniquely built inside a carved-out canyon. Work began in 1916 and was completed in 1948 by architects J Gualberto Perez and Lucindo Espinosa.

Canyon del Lajas in the Colombian nature valley of Ipiales. Check out the bridge and basilica, a Latin religious sanctuary over the valley with clouds and blue sky.  Imagr under subscription of 123rf.

For those of you historian buffs and Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders. Here’s an exciting and little-known fact for when you stand back admiring the splendid view.

Please, also close your eyes and imagine the first version of this sanctuary back in 1754. When it was a simple straw and wood shrine of the Virgin Mary.

Now, open your eyes again, and look at what two centuries of rebuilding and expansion have achieved.

Author´s Note: Next, check your team member’s faces as you all come to the same realization you are all indeed witnessing an accomplishment so awe-inspiring and never to be forgotten.

Not a bad moment for you on your MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 Bottom part 1 Expedition.

The Pan-American Highway runs from the northern placed-Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the southern point of Tierra del Fuego and Ushuaia in Argentina.

The Pan-American Highway runs from the northern placed-Prudhoe Bay in Alaska to the southern point of Ushuaia in Argentina. You will ride a massive part of the famous entry into the Guinness Book of Records, the 48,000 km tarmacked highway, and love doing it. Image from 123rf subscription model.

You will ride a massive part of the famous entry into the Guinness Book of Records.

The 48,000 km tarmacked highway, and love doing it.

Author’s history note: Initially, the Pan-American highway idea was introduced in Chile in 1923. Two years later, someone in Argentina thought it was a necessary idea, and in 1927 someone else in Cuba approved the idea. Now that’s South American progress for you.

Progress remained a bit slow until World War Two kicked in. Then, a fast route from North Alaska through fifteen countries to Argentina became necessary.

They had to move cargo and military equipment to the South American ports initially and later ward off the growing expansion threat of Communism in Latin and South America.

Eventually, it took 40 years to open the Pan-American highway. Finally, a gap of 27 miles leading to Panama has not yet been completed.


Your next country on your MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 bottom Expedition Part 1 is……


Your next country on your MotoDreamer´s “End of the World” Expedition Part 1 is Ecuador.

It was named after the Imaginary Equator Line that splits Ecuador and our world in two. Significantly, it’s the fourth-smallest nation with probable the most significant links to ancient Inca history and culture in South America.

Another set of rarely known facts regarding Ecuador:

  • Mount Everest is often mistaken as the closest point to the Sun. It is understandable considering the size of Everest, but it is not. This accolade belongs to the Chimborazo Volcano close to the Ecuadorian town of Riobamba.
  • There are over 130 different species of Hummingbirds and over 4000 species of Orchids! It appears both love Ecuador and thrive entirely together.
  • Also, Ecuador exports shrimps, roses, and broccoli and exports oil and bananas.

Author´s Note: Equally important, let’s show you some of the magical destinations you will visit in Ecuador on your MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition Part 1.

The Devils Cauldron Waterfall or Pailon del Diablo is only 17 km away from the small settlement of Baños.

The Devils Cauldron Waterfall or Pailon del Diablo is only 17 km away from the small settlement of Baños From DepositePhotos sock free plan. Another great image for this article titles MotoDreamer´s "End of the World" Expedition.

This 80-meter waterfall is indeed imposing to behold, with its impressive and continuously cascading water to the Rio Pastaza. The early Spanish settlers gave this waterfall its sinister name. Believed the noises coming from it resembled the sounds made by another waterfall on the island of Tenerife.

There has been a long belief that wicked souls lived there for eternity on both occasions. There is even a third such example of a waterfall with the same sinister Devil’s Cauldron name. It is located near Loch Earn in Perthshire, Scotland.

Author’s Note: I know this to be true as I have visited this waterfall on at least three occasions over the past 20 years.

Cuenca World Famous Local Artisan Panama Hatmakers and Trujillo Historic Centers 

Shop selling Panama hats in Cuenca, Ecuador. Image under 123rf subscription.

The center of hat-making history has its roots going back as far as the Incas. These people were the first to weave Paja Toquilla, a common fibrous plant. The rest of the world. Began to learn of them in the 16th Century with the written accounts of the early Spanish Explorers.

When they were asked the question, “Where did you buy your hat?” the wearer simply replied Panama. Hence, the name stuck and has remained so to this very day.

Image of panama Hats on display for the article MotoDreamer´s End of the World Expedition Part 1. These hats have become world famous by larger than life celebrities such as Sean Connery, Paul Newman, and Frank Sinatra. Even a Harry Truman the USA President and Sir Winston Churchill, Wartime Prime Minister and Statesman wore them. Image courtesy of Minube.

Author’s Note: The Panama hat has never lost its popularity. Some famous people, including Presidents, Prime Ministers, Grooners, Movie Stars, and Writers, have become synopsis with this accessory:

Think of President Harry Truman, Sir Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Sean Connery, and Paul Newman. As well as Orson Wells, Humphrey Bogart, and Ernest Hemmingway.

Then think of today’s stars, such as Madonna and Johnny Depp.

Ecuador is also a dynamic exporter of all manner of flowers to both European and US markets. They love textile making here in a big way. You can find their work in all soft furnishings and clothing. With only a modest 427,000 inhabitants, they certainly get a lot done.

Author’s Note: Do not be surprised if you bump into the odd two or three Expats or more. Cuenca is fast becoming the number one destination for retirement due mainly to the beautiful weather climate.

Another Author Note: Cuenca is over 8000 above sea level, and the air is thinner than you may be used to. So be prepared for the possibility of attracting Altitude sickness. If you suspect you or any team member is showing the signs of this sickness. Report it immediately to the expert MotoDreamer On-bike Guides, who will act quickly and efficiently.

Now let’s talk about Trujillo and its never-ending historical center in Plaza de Armas’s main square. You will be astounded and speechless by the sheer beauty of the baroque-style and neoclassical-looking buildings.

Search out the cathedral, the abundance of smaller churches, the mansion houses, and lastly, the unique 20-year-old Toy Museum.

Trujillo Toy Museum is indeed an amazing discovery for those MotoDreamer motorcycle riders on the MotoDreamer End of the World Expedition of South America Part 1. This image curtesy of how to peru displays the extensive displays of toy soldiers - a collector´s dream.

This incredible city-centered toy museum housed in an old colonial-style corner building is the only one of its kind in the whole of South America.

Be astonished at the nightmarish hanging down from the ceiling dolls. The early Spanish uniformed soldiers and the playful artifacts go back to Pre Inca times.

Your third country on your MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition Part 1 is…..


Your third country on your MotoDreamer´s “End of the World” Expedition of South America Part 1 is Perú. here you can see a highly detailed political map of Peru with regions and their capitals. Image from 123rf subscription.

Argentina and Brazil beat Peru on landmass and space in South America. This paradise has everything a seasoned Adventure Motorcycle Touring Rider could wish for in one country.

Author’s Note: Feast your eyes on colossal mountain ranges, sweeping rainforests, and never-ending deserts. All the landscapes will make you just stop and stare. For MotoDreamer crews, this is the top destination in South America for riding around and exploring.

Let’s delve deeper into just a couple of countless Peruvian places guaranteed to enthrall you.

When you park up and start to take in the surroundings that made up Cusco´s or (Cuzco) historical Inca Empire, the first thing that will come to your mind – the Inca Empire is still thriving; it’s not dead.

When you park up and start to take in the surroundings that made up Cusco´s or (Cuzco) historical Inca Empire, the first thing that will come to your mind - the Inca Empire is still thriving; it’s not dead.

Everywhere you look. You will see the largest ever seen empire of its day in its inhabitants today and the clothes they wear. Today’s buildings lay comfortably next to the Inca ruins of the past.

Mingle with the locals in their palaces, churches, and Spanish colonial-style houses with many carved-out wooden balconies.

Witness the longevity of the Inca ruins and stone walls. All coexist to give you a sheer sense of architectural splendor from an ancient time.

Head to the Plaza de Armas. Here you´ll discover the Imperial city’s heart with its showpiece, the Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary.

Author’s Note: Don’t just explore with your eyes; let your nose take in the aromas of cooked corn on the cobs sold on all street corners.

For you Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders, these massively big corns on the cobs are your ideal versions of 5 Star cuisine!

Máncora, the Pacific Ocean windsurfing, and kite surfing beach resort. It has the Pan American highway as its only means of going in or out.

Beach of Punta Sal, Mancora, Peru. Image supplied by 123rf under its subscription plan. Another image supporting this article titled MotoDreamer´s "End of the World" Expedition.

Here you can relax with the 10,000 plus inhabitants. Lie back and enjoy the sun and sea, watching or participating in a spell of kite or windsurfing.

The waves allow both beginners and experts to enjoy many sports besides surfing. For the experience, you can have a session in scuba diving, snorkeling, or for land lovers only – Horseback riding.

Suppose you happen to have arrived at the right time. You will have the opportunity to go Whale Watching and may well witness the birth of a gigantic mammal. Before they head south on their annual migrating run.

 One of your MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 Bottom Part 1 Expedition highlights is Machu Picchu.

Don´t forget, when yo arrive at the entrance have your passport ready to be stamped. Its a pretty impressive way to ensure you have a souvenir of this remarkable destination. Image courtesy of whats on sukhumvit.

When you arrive at the entrance, don’t forget to have your passport ready for stamping. It’s a pretty impressive way to ensure you have a souvenir of this remarkable destination.

Lama in Machu Picchu, Peru. Image under 123rf subscription.
Machu Picchu a definite highlight on MotorFreamer´s "End of the Woeld" expedition in South America Part 1.

It will be here. You will discover the famous 15th Century Inca Citadel sat precariously on a small plateau high up in the tropical forest and Eastern Cordillera of Peru. When you reach the Inca urban creation, you will be 7,970 feet above sea level.

So take your time, and examine the amazing way each stone fits concisely without the need for mortar. Remember not to rush; the air will be thinner than you are used to.

So don’t make yourself ill by rushing around with excitement. You will have a whole day here to soak in all the spectacular views that Machu Picchu can give you.

 We know that your South America Top 2 Bottom part 1 Expedition with MotoDreamer would never be complete without you riding right up to the 2000-year-old Nazca Lines.

Over the past 80 years. Researchers and Anthropologists have believed that the ancient culture of the Nazca people created the geoglyphs. These ancient creators placed them in one of the driest places on our earth, called the Rio Grande de Nasca river basin.

Due to the extremely low amount of erosion by wind and rain in this desert. The geoglyphs have survived almost unscathed for centuries. This famous UNESCO archeological site measures as many as 75,000 hectares!

Aerial airplane panoramic view to Nazca geoglyph lines aka Whale, Ica region, Peru. Image under 123 rf subscription.
We know at MotoDreamer that your “End of the World” Expedition with MotoDreamer Part 1 would never be complete without you riding right up to the 2000 year-old Nazca Lines.

These famous but unknown why-created geoglyphs have fascinated millions of people throughout time. They are a complete mystery regarding their originator’s reason for creating them. We can tell you that they are spectacular and best viewed above in a light aircraft.

See if you can spot the various massively sized 70 animals. Your list should include a monkey, spider, duck, hummingbird, whale, llama, dog, and lizard. Then concentrate on locating the countless shapes, some as much as 1,200 feet in length.

Finally, check out the cactus plants, trees, and flowers, all etched perfectly in the dry coastal plain.

From deserts to High Andes mountains and crystal lakes near Huaraz. Even Simon Bolivar came here in 1823, albeit not on a motorbike but his trusty Palomo white horse.

Author’s Note: see, we only take you to the best destinations on MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition. Admittedly not on a horse, but as they prophesied back in 1562, “Beggars can’t be Choosers.”

The Peruvian city of Huaraz is 10,000 feet above sea level on the Santa River in conjunction with the Qulca River. With the snow-capped peaks of the Cordillera Blanca Mountains acting as its impressive backdrop.

Pre-Columbian civilizations settled here first, and you will see the Highland Indian descendants everywhere in their colorful attire. Most of the locals work in the agricultural sector, and you will see them working with potatoes, maize, and wheat. Those who are not from the farms may work in the silver and coal mines nearby.

These warm and dynamic people had suffered greatly over the past 80 years or more. When Mother Nature decided a change was needed.

One such incident was in 1941. When an avalanche decided to drop a mindblowing sized block of ice directly into the nearby Lake Palcacocha. Thus, causing the birth of a towering set of waves to rush down and smash through the Moraine Dam.

Sadly, the destruction did not stop there; the destructive waves sped further down to the next lake before reaching Huaraz. The estimated loss of life is believed to surpass the 5000 mark.

Nearly 30 years later, on the 31st of May 1970, at approximately 15:23 local time. The turn of a devastating undersea earthquake that measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale was the catalyst for the deadliest avalanche in the world to date.

Nearly 30 years later on the 31st May 1970 at approximately 15:23 local time, it was the turn of a devastating undersea earthquake that measured 7.9 on the Richter Scale was the catalyst for the deadliest avalanche in the world to date. Image courtesy of Researchgate.

Seventy thousand souls lost their lives that Sunday afternoon. With a further 50,000 survivors who would spend the rest of their lives reliving the forces of nature in their fractured minds.

Author’s Note: The world came to their rescue, and the city of Huaraz has new life again within its walls. Please note the threat of another episode of flooding will always be there. So always heed any advice from MotoDreamer and its expert guides.

 The time now for you to visit one of the largest South American capitals.

Lima (the city of Kings.) With its 10 million Peruvians.

No way was MotoDreamer going to let you miss the only South American capital that faces the sea every day.

Beautiful coastal road running along side the Pacific Ocean in the city of Lima. Image under the FreePik subscription plan. This is the last image for this article titled MotoDreamer´s "End of the World" Expedition in South America Part 1

Picture converging cultures, gastronomical paradise, and colonial-era richness, and you will only touch first base. Keep adding Lima to your bucket list.

When visiting this previously Spanish South American Capital, try and take as many photos as possible. Here are just some of the many places to head to:

  • Plaza De Armas and its historical buildings and museums.
  • Barranco Street and its exciting flea markets.
  • Basilica de San Francisco and its Catacombs.
  • Miraflores and certainly if you are Paragliding or bike touring.
  • Malecon Boardwalk.
  • Circuito Mágico del Agua (Spectacular water park.)

Well, that is the end of MotoDreamer´s South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition Part 1.

As we stop and pause, bringing all that you will experience with our South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition. We have only just covered the first three South American Countries of Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.

The other three spectacular destinations of Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina will be presented to you, Adventure Motorcycle Touring Riders, in Part 2.

When, replenished and roaring to continue, head to the following link;

South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition – Part 2 

Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

South America Top 2 Bottom Expedition with Part 2 with MotoDreamer. You’ve read Part 1; now learn what you will experience in Part 2 with Bolivia. Chile, and Argentina.

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