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Staying Safe on Motorbikes: Advice for Riders

Motorbike crashes are a serious problem in the UK, causing injuries and deaths to many riders every year. The Department for Transport reported 13,604 motorbike accidents in 2020, with 285 of these being fatal. Although these numbers are a little less than the year before, it shows we still need to keep working on road safety.

What Are the Main Types of Motorbike Crashes?

There are several common ways motorbike crashes happen. One common example is when motorbikes and other vehicles crash because the other driver did not see the motorbike. If this has happened to you because another road user was not careful, you might be able to claim some money back for your accident.

Crashes can also happen because the roads are in bad condition, like with potholes or rubbish in the road. If the people who should have been looking after the road knew about the problem but did not do anything, they could be to blame for the crash. If you have had a motorbike crash because the road was in bad shape, you should also talk to a lawyer.

Motorbike riders often suffer worse injuries in crashes than car drivers because a motorbike does not protect you as well. That is why it is really important for motorbike riders to be extra careful and take steps to stay safe; make sure you know what safety gear you need to wear by law in the UK, to keep yourself safe and stay on the right side of the law.

Every rider should try to avoid crashes and keep themselves and everyone else on the road safe. But even the most careful and skilled motorbike riders can still have a crash if another driver is not careful. If this happens, it is important to know your rights and how you can get back on the road safely when you are ready to do so.

Eight Simple Tips for Safe Motorbike Riding

Here are our top tips to avoid motorbike crashes:

1. Always wear safety gear: Helmets, protective clothing, and boots can keep you safe if you have a crash.
2. Be visible: Wearing things that reflect light, like tape or stickers, especially on your helmet and jacket, can help other drivers see you.
3. Keep your distance: Make sure you stay far enough away from other vehicles so you can stop safely if something changes.
4. Use your indicators in plenty of time: Always show other drivers what you are planning to do, and do not leave it too late.
5. Stay aware: Watch out for things like potholes or rubbish in the road, and do not get distracted by things like your phone.
6. Think about a motorbike safety course: Safety courses can teach you useful skills and ways to stay safe on the road. Nine out of ten motorbike riders in the UK have done a refresher course.
7. Follow the speed limit: Going the right speed helps you stay in control of your bike and gives you time to avoid dangers.
8. Watch out for car doors: Always be ready for car drivers or passengers to open doors suddenly, as crashing into an open door can hurt you badly.

What Should You Do If You Have a Motorbike Crash?

Sometimes, even when you are really careful, motorbike crashes can still happen. If you have a motorbike crash because another driver was not careful, you should:

● Get medical help: Look after yourself first. See a doctor for any injuries from the crash.
● Collect evidence: Take pictures of where the crash happened and your motorbike. Get the contact details of anyone who saw the crash and the other driver.
● Report the crash: Tell the police about the crash as soon as you can. This will be useful if you decide to make a motorcycle accident claim to recuperate some money back from your injuries and damages.
● Speak to a lawyer: Solicitors can help you through the legal process and make sure you get the money you deserve.

So, even if you do everything you can to avoid motorbike crashes, there is a chance you may still have one, so it is vital to know how to mitigate the risk of injury to the best of your ability.

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