The dream started in Cali, Colombia in January 2008. Danish motorcycle world traveler Mike Thomsen ( was riding through South America on a 8 month solo trip. By chance he met a Colombian girl called Diana Puerto in Cali, Colombia. They fell in love and join forces in a strong business partnership..

Fast forward over a decade and Motolombia Tours and Rentals is now one of the most experiences and active tour and rental operators in South America.

But the aspiration to do more, see more and take on the entire world was always there. And finally in 2019 the global brand called MotoDreamer Global Moto Tours was launched.

MotoDreamer Global Moto Tours has the entire world as the playground and delivers short, straight-to-the-point, well sought out 1-country-at-a-time motorcycle adventures that lasts for around 10 days and fit perfectly into most riders fast paced life and budget.

MotoDreamer Global Moto Tours meticulously work out all the details and itineraries of every new destination and source the best local partners around the globe to ensure motorcycles in perfect condition and top accommodation.

The tours are 100% operated by us and often lead by owner Mike Thomsen or one of our professionnel Tour Leaders. We travel to each destination to meet the participants and ensure everything goes exactly as planned. Participants can expect the same high level of service and quality that has made the first decade in business such a success!

The World is our Playground!