The Trans Amazonian Challenge 2022

The Trans Amazonian Challenge is well known for being the final Frontier. Are you an Adventure Motorcycle Touring Warrior? Would you like a life-changing challenge?

The Trans Amazonian Challenge 2022 – 52 Days, 8,000 Miles, Eight Fascinating Countries

Now, South America’s reputation as a motorcycle touring paradise is legendary. This single continent encompasses all the ingredients of the motorcycle journey of a lifetime. And we’re not just talking about the roads themselves, as intoxicatingly thrilling and enchanting as they are.

What makes a long-distance journey through this continent of extremes a truly unforgettable experience is every part of the adventure combined.

Here´s something to whet your appetite. In a few days riding, you’ll discover an incredible richness and diversity of cultures. Mesmerizing landscapes that are both instantly dramatic and thrillingly changeable from day to day.

What about the locals? You will find that they are friendly, welcoming, and good-natured people.

In addition, from the world’s most extended mountain range to dry desert canyons, wind-swept coastline, and lush rainforests, teeming with wildlife, you will indeed believe your life has changed in so many ways.

Introducing MotoDreamer’s Trans Amazonian Challenge 2022

Once every few years, around the beginning of summer, an intrepid crew of riders takes part in MotoDreamer’s Trans Amazonian Challenge. This expertly guided and fully supported tour takes in eight countries in 52 Days.

Just imagine you are this llama staring down on Machu Picchu in Peru. A fun image for the Trans Amazon Challenge in 2022. Image under subscription with deposit Photos.

Starting from the coffee-covered hills of Colombia’s evergreen Andean lowlands to the towering snow peaks of Peru and Ecuador.

Furthermore, you will also visit the mysterious ‘Three Guianas’ on the northern Atlantic Coast. Then, onwards to Brazil’s pink dolphin-inhabited Amazonian waterways. Will I be seeing the towering tropical falls of Venezuela? Yes, you most definitely will.

Forty-two of these days will involve riding, almost entirely on some of the most epic motorcycling roads on the planet.

We understand that for most people, a ride like this is a truly once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

Another great image for the Trans Amazon Challenge in 2022.  This time an landscape view of the Andes Mountains seen from Salento in Colombia. Image under Deposit Photos subscription model.

If you’re undertaking a 12,875km (8,000 miles) journey from the northern Andean mountains of Colombia to the Amazon Basin and beyond. You had damn well better be having the time of your life! Hence we know what you’re thinking right at this moment.

It’s not all that often that you get 52 days in a single year to just go out and ride into the wilderness. So for that very purpose, we’ve planned a route that packs more diverse and spectacular scenery into 52 days than seems geographically possible.

No two days are ever the same, and we can almost guarantee that every day is full of sights, scenes, and moments where one can scarcely believe their own eyes.

Who is MotoDreamer’s Trans Amazonian Challenge For?

First and foremost, we schemed up the Trans Amazonian Challenge with the serious Adventure Motorcycle Touring Warrior in mind.

Because this tour is about showing you the absolute very best of the enormously diverse northern region of South America. We regularly leave the comfort of the tarmac and venture onto remote backroads and rarely used mountain trails.

As any off-road rider knows, take that turn off, and you never know what sort of conditions lie ahead until they’re staring you in the face.

You’ll reach altitudes of over 5,000m climbing (with two wheels and an engine, thankfully!) the freezing cold Andean passes.

A fun image of a Frozen faced man in an Andes frozen pass. Here he stands minus his crash helmet His beard and hair frozen with ice and snow. Image for image for the Trans Amazon Challenge in 2022. under deposit photos subscription.

Once we hit the rainforest (although it is technically the dry season) – it’s a safe bet you’re going to get rain. Therefore, expect all kinds of mud-related mayhem, with high humidity and sweltering summer temperatures thrown into the mix.

If all this sounds like great fun, the Trans Amazonian might just be for you.

To join this tour, you must be a highly skilled, continuously practiced long-distance rider.

Now plenty of days will get extremely physical, so it’s crucial that you’re in fit, healthy condition, with ample off-road experience under your belt.

Of course, this type of ride requires both individual stamina combined with social and teamwork qualities conducive to collaboration. With each other’s support, we make sure any obstacles are navigated around safely, and each individual rider is given the help they need.

Do I Need My Own Motorbike to enter the Trans Amazonian challenge 2022?

Because of the duration of this expedition and the at times highly demanding terrain, many riders prefer to bring their own bikes. They either ship them out to Colombia or ride them from elsewhere in the Americas.

Therefore, if you wish to bring your bike, we welcome you as well. The advantages are clear; taking on this type of tour with a machine you’re comfortable and familiar with will undoubtedly help. You´ll get to set up and acclimated in a shorter timeframe. What´s more awesome, you will handle the conditions and riding styles far more quickly.

Of course, not everyone can bring their own motorcycle halfway across the world with relative ease. So a variety of late-model hire bikes fresh out of the MotoDreamer garage are available to rent.

Can Non-Riders Still Come Along for the Journey?

Adventure Motobike Touring Warriors. Yes, you can take a pillion rider with you. Provided they’ll put up with nearly two months of some seriously bone-rattling off-road riding. Notwithstanding a considerable amount of dust, mud, and general filth.

As a self-proclaimed “professional pillion rider.” My advice to anyone thinking of accompanying their soul mate or best motorcycle-riding buddy on this trip is to make sure you’re super comfortable first.

You will endure long days of riding pillion on rough and often extremely windy roads. Be prepared to give massages to aching necks, backs, and arms at the end of the day.

4X4 Passengers: Our motorcycle convoy will be escorted from the rear by a 4×4 support vehicle on this tour. Instead, Pillion riders can join our expert driver over the same roads and trails our riders will be using if they need a rest from the motorbike.

What Should I Most Look Forward To when entering the Trans Amazonian Challenge 2022?

The reason we’ve chosen this part of South America for our 52-day circuit (starting and ending in our home base of Cali, Colombia.) is why? Because it has absolutely everything.

If you want a run-down of the famous attractions, World Heritage archaeological sites, colorful cities, and stunning natural landmarks, you’ll witness this expedition.

Don´t despair; our MotoDreamer Trans Amazonian Challenge 2022 tour page is at the end of this article.

Since this is an anything-can-happen, remote area expedition and routes and destinations can change like the wind. Always expect the weather or road conditions to decide to throw a spanner in the works.

Ariel view of the nazca Lines in Peru. Image under Deposit photos subscription model.

Yes, we’ll be visiting the Nazca Lines, Machu Picchu, the Amazon River Basin, and Angel Falls in Venezuela.

Angel´s Falls in Venezuela, a destination in the forthcoming Trans Amazonian Challenge in 2022. This is the highest waterfall in the world.

We know every one of them will absolutely blow your mind.

What´s more remarkable, you’ll be equally moved by the warmth and friendliness of the South American people. Witness the villagers allowing you a glimpse into their age-old traditions. See how they treat their guests who visit for often only a few moments and from far away.

Expect many to bombard you with their friendship and dazzling smiles. Move to the exhilarating pace and permanently festive atmosphere of the metropolises.

While many guests begin their journey, most are keen on getting to the “bucket list” sites. In the end, they end up taking away a lot more than a checklist of destinations.

What makes the Trans Amazonian Challenge not just a tour but a genuine adventure is that this is a rite of passage of sorts.

A secret journey shared by a tight-knit band of like-minded travelers, venturing into lands few outsiders have ever looked upon.

It’s the riding itself, the unpredictability, the teamwork, and the camaraderie that develops over a 52-day journey that’s tough, exciting, and full of moments of overwhelming beauty and intensity.

It’s a sense of both individual accomplishment and shared experiences that make the Trans Amazonian Challenge what it is.

And what it is, is not just one of the coolest two-wheeled expeditions in all of South America, but the journey of an absolute lifetime.

In conclusion, there are other things to know about the Trans Amazonian Challenge 2022

A map image of The Trans Amazonian Challenge 2022 - 52 Days, 8,000 Miles, Eight Fascinating Countries. Image under copyright to MotoDreamer.

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