Safety is our top priority on all tours, but unforeseen emergencies can occur. Travel in remote locations can go from excitement to emergency in an instant. A Global Rescue membership will provide you with 24 hour advisory services, field rescue (evacuation from your point of injury / illness to the nearest appropriate medical facility), and also evacuation to your home hospital of choice for continuing care all at no cost to you.

MotoDreamer strongly suggests that you enroll in a Global Rescue Membership with added Signature Travel Insurance protecting the entire cost of your tour and other non-refundable travel expenses before you set out on your next trip.




Field Rescue
Global Rescue pioneered worldwide field rescue for members in remote or dangerous environments. Their deployable teams of military special operations veterans and first responders are standing by to rescue members who are facing a serious medical emergency more than 100 miles from home. The need for hospitalization is not required to qualify for field rescue services. 

Medical Evacuation
With deployable medical teams stationed in operations centers in six countries, more than 1,000 contracted aircraft, and over 200 affiliated medical centers of excellence, Global Rescue has unparalleled ability to get members expert care and transport them to their home hospital of choice. 

Security Extraction
The teams of military special operations veterans are available around the clock to provide aid and extraction when worst-case scenarios such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks and civil unrest become a reality.

Medical Advisory Services
Members have immediate, 24/7 access to critical care paramedics, nurses and physicians to get answers, advice and care for medical problems when traveling. 

“My Global Rescue” Mobile App
Through the My Global Rescue app, members have 24/7 access to:

→ Emergency Assistance
Travel Planning
Emergency Event Alerts
GPS Tracking & Alerts

Signature Travel Insurance
Customized best-in-class travel insurance designed exclusively for Global Rescue members. These integrated plans include: 

→ Trip cancellation and interruption protection – up to $100,000
→ Emergency medical coverage – up to $100,000
Lost, stolen or delayed baggage protection
Flight cancellation and missed connection services
Initial claims assessment within 24 hours
Cancel-for-any-reason coverage 75% of trip cost

How to purchase your Global Rescue membership and Signature Travel Insurance:

1) Visit and click “Enroll Now” 

2) During the purchase process, you will be prompted to add travel insurance to your membership