What´s Colombian weather like when Motorcycle Touring?

What´s Colombian weather like when Motorcycle Touring? You can expect the climate to suit you in so many positive ways. Read on.

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Are you considering adding a Motorcycle tour of Colombia to your list of achievements? Are you concerned about what to expect with the weather? Are you asking yourself, “what should I pack?”

Please do not worry, and this article will answer all your questions regarding Colombian weather.

Colombia has the perfect climate – 365 days a year.
Downpours last an hour or two.
1. Bogota.
2. Medellin
3. Caribbean Coast.
4. Zona Cafetera.
5. Eastern & Southern Andes.

Colombia has the Perfect Climate for Motorcycle Touring – 365 Days a Year.

Encountering a gaggle of gringos on touring motorcycles is no longer a strange occurrence in Colombia. Hit the highway, and you’re bound to spot the conspicuously bulky bikes of least a few adventure riders from abroad.

The country’s rider-friendly climate is just one of the countless reasons motorcycle touring has become more and more popular in Colombia.

Because its borders encompass the Caribbean and Pacific coasts, the Eastern Andes, and the Amazon, Colombia is divided into five climatic zones.  

What that means for riders is there’s no wrong time to come to Colombia. While one region might be in the midst of a soggy month of monsoon, other regions will be pleasantly dry and sunny.  

Perfect all year round weather conditions when motorcycle riding in Colombia

The above is the perfect answer to your question on What´s Colombian weather like when MotorcycleTouring?

Given Colombia’s proximity to the equator, the country’s weather is relatively stable and consistent and isn’t defined by typical summer and winter seasons. In much of Colombia, daily temperatures tend to fluctuate very little throughout the year. Furthermore, like other equatorial countries, the country doesn’t suffer through harsh winters.

What does vary from season to season is the average amount of rainfall each particular region experiences. However, rainy seasons in most Colombia tend to be very short, only lasting a few months of the year.

In reality, most of Colombia’s popular motorcycling routes can be ridden all year round without having to worry too much about the weather.

The only exception might be if you’re planning long stretches of remote, off-road riding. In that case, your best strategy would be to research the climate specifics of each region and plan a route around avoiding the big wet as much as possible.    

All Colombia’s major cities and most tourist destinations have good to excellent sealed roads rarely adversely affected by normal, year-round weather conditions. And except for the country’s tropical rainforest regions, all-day rain is a rare occurrence.

As a general rule, even in the height of monsoon, downpours last an hour or two and occur a couple of times throughout the day.

Of course, just like anywhere else in the world, the weather is never totally predictable. In Colombia, if a bout of bad weather does strike, it can and does cause havoc on the roads.

 This is especially true in mountainous, landslide-prone areas.

Like planning for any other long-haul ride, keep an eye on the forecast and your ear to the ground. Watch for news reports on extreme weather events and ask locals and fellow riders if you should be on the lookout for any hazards.

What´s Colombian weather like when MotorcycleTouring? Destination 1. Bogota and Surrounding Areas

What´s Colombian weather like when MotorcycleTouring? Destination 1. Bogota and Surrounding Areas. Landscape view of Bogota and its surrounding areas provided by FreePik under subscription.

While more rain hits Bogota in April and May and September through to November, Bogota is often described as having four seasons in one day. Wet weather gear is a good idea no matter what month you visit.

Bogota sits at 2,600m elevation and is the gateway to some great high altitude touring routes. So warm, layered clothing and suitable gloves and footwear are essential.

What´s Colombian weather like when Motorcycle Touring? Destination 2. Medellin and Surrounding Areas.

What´s Colombian weather like when MotorcycleTouring? Destination 2. Medellin and Surrounding Areas. This image from Freepik under subscription gives a landscape view of medellin and the hills surrounding the city.

Medellin and its mountainous surroundings enjoy continuous spring-like weather, with an average temperature of 22°C year-round. Short showers every few days aren’t uncommon, although there are two distinct rainy seasons. 

The first: March through May, and the second: September through to early December. During the wet seasons, a couple of heavy downpours a day between breaks of clear weather are the norm.

What´s Colombian weather like when Motorcycle Touring? Destination 3. The Caribbean Coast.

What´s Colombian weather like when MotorcycleTouring? Destination 3. The Caribbean Coast. This image shows a tropical beach and blue ocean seen with a coconut trees and white clouds on a blue sky. From Freepik subscription.

Hot and humid year-round, the Caribbean coast typically has two brief rainy periods, May to June and October to November. The rest of the year remains more or less dry.

Like many tropical locations, monsoon rains tend to come down hard and fast late afternoon or evening. The positive aspect is they do provide some welcome respite from the heat. In comparison, you’ll find the mornings usually offer clear conditions.

What´s Colombian weather like when Motorcycle Touring? Destination 4. Zona Cafetera.

What´s Colombian weather like when MotorcycleTouring? Destination 4. Zona Cafetera.
This image from FreePik displays a Coffee field and partially clouded sky in the distance.

The Zona Cafetera ideal is for growing coffee thanks to its mild climate and decent rainfall year-round. You can expect almost every day in the Zona Cafetera to offer up a mix of pleasant sun, short showers.

In between, expect the occasional heavy downpour. In addition, expect low mist hanging over the higher roads. These mists will often cause reduced visibility. Although on the positive side, it certainly adds atmosphere to the region’s already lush and scenic green surrounds.

What´s Colombian weather like when Motorcycle Touring? Destination 5. Eastern and Southern Andes Region.

What´s Colombian weather like when MotorcycleTouring? Destination 5. Eastern and Southern Andes Region.
Lanscape Andes mountain view with almost a blue sky when riding from Colombia to Peru.

Cali is the usual jumping-off point for exploring this relatively untouristed region. Around Cali, daytime temperatures hover around 30°C (86°F), with a little more rain falling between March to May and October to November.

The remote Andean routes to the east and south of Cali offer the chance to delve into some extreme off-road adventure riding. This is a vast region of volcanic peaks and deep canyons. In addition, this is where dramatic changes in the landscape seem to arise around every corner.

These are some of the most fertile regions in the Andes, and rainfalls frequently year-round. The heaviest rains tend to occur in March and April and October to December. 

The Feature image for this article titled: What´s the Colombian weather when MotorcycleTouring? Image supplied by MotorDreamer Archives.

Subsequently, these periods of prolonged heavy rain are when the risk of landslides is most significant. 

In conclusion to this article titled: What´s Colombian weather like when Motorcycle Touring?

Always plan backup routes and be prepared to back-track in extreme weather conditions or closures due to damaged road surfaces.

On the other hand, if you stick mainly to the many excellent paved roads in the Colombian Southern Andes (like the beautiful stretch of the Pan American Highway between Cali and Pasto.) You will find motorcycle touring in this region is easily doable all year-round.

Written by: Fiona Davies (extreme pillion rider and adventure travel writer.)

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